It’s no wonder Mistissini’s Stephanie Mianscum is the reigning champion of the Nemaska FitnessChallenge. She’s impossible to catch up to when she’s on the move. We did manage to catch up with her,briefly, for a quick photo shoot. After which she was off and running again. This time for a quick dipat the Chibougamau swimming pool and that was the last we saw of her.

We got a hold of her

again on the phone and she was busy planning a holiday weekend in the bush with her family. She barelyhad time to fax us the cree@large questionnaire.

And after that she was off to Montreal and even here, we still couldn’t keep up. The following is thelast we heard of her…

Daily routine: Get up, exercise, breakfast, shower, work, lunch, work, supper, exercise, sleep get up… boring eh?

If you had a magic wand what would you do with it? Pave the road to Chibougamau.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Staying in school and graduating even though I was expecting my first child.

Who would play you in a movie? Mr. Bean dressed in female clothing.

What do you dislike most about your appearance?

My silly face, but I’m keeping it, I’m not covering it up with makeup.

First Memory: When I lost my front baby tooth, my kindergarten teacher, Miss Mills her name was, tied a string around it and gently pulled it off.

Words you love to hear: “Hello.” My youngest son always says this when he gets home from school at lunch hour.

Words you hate to hear: “I don’t know.” Repetitive, “I don’t know.” Person you admire the most: My husband. He’s a great fisherman. Favourite line from a movie: Jerry f in’ Maguire.

What did you want to be when you were young: A bush pilot. Greatest fear: Dying without Jesus in my heart.

Nickname: Skinny.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? A family outing, everybody in a good mood, family laughter.

Favourite time of year: Goosebreak.

Favourite song: Amazing Grace.

First kiss: Come to think of it, it was from my husband. We were just kids then. Favourite time of day:

Coffee break.

Pet Peeve: Toilet seat up.

Most treasured possession:

My sister’s friendship.

I love you, Sandra. Where would you like to live? In the bush, at least once in my lifetime.

Dream job: A fitness trainer, something in the athletic field, maybe a recreation director for children only. Something like that.

Best pickup line you’ve heard or used: Want a beer? Back in my younger days, I was dying to hear this line.

Best words of advice you ever heard: Stop drinking, and I did.

On what occasion do you lie? Pay days.

If you were an animal what would it be and why? A bird so I can fly, fly away. A bear so I can catch up on my sleep. A skunk, to get rid of a pest like you.

(No, no just kidding.)

Person you hate the most: Someone who cuts into your story and tries to top yours.Title of your autobiography: It’s Only Stephanie.