Volume 5, Issue 7

$15-Million deal in limbo

It’s unlikely that Cree communities will see any action soon on the estimated $15-million deal thatwas in the works. PQ Minister Guy Chevrette of Natural Resources and Native Affairs took a little time off to considerhis political future. He allegedly brought back a nice Florida tan on Wednesday, February 18, 1998 when ... read more ››

Aquarius Gan 20-Feb 18) Avoid the two extremes of too much and too little.

Aquarius Gan 20-Feb 18) Avoid the two extremes of too much and too little. You’ve been suffering from dream stagnation. You’ll be awakening from this fairytale spell. Gaze into a new state of consciousness. You will no longer tolerate that which you have so long tolerated. Pisces (Feb 19-March 20) The ... read more ››

Diary of a residential school

Everyone knows about the problems in the residential schools. From Anglican Church records made available to The Nation, we get a clear picture of just how horrible these schools and their dysfunctional staff really were. Inside the rickety and overcrowded buildings, Cree children were in the hands of inept and unhealthy ... read more ››

First-ever HQ-Cree summit on dam safety

Twenty-five years after construction started on the dams, residents of Chisasibi met with Hydro-Quebec for the first time to talk about the safety of the dams. Elders had questions about the land and the rivers. They asked what would happen if a dam ruptured. How much time does the community have ... read more ››

Great Whale heats up in Vermont

James Dumont, lawyer for the Crees, has asked that Vermont’s Public Service Board revoked the license that allows Hydro-Quebec to import power to the U.S. state. Dumont said in a legal argument that the utilities aren’t pursuing energy conservation enough. Another concern was the migratory birds that nest in James Bay. ... read more ››

Great Whale: To be or not to be?

Are Crees discussing new hydro projects with Hydro-Quebec or not? That is the question. In our last issue, we reported that Crees and HQ have held two meetings at which they discussed”conditions under which development could occur.” The information came from Ghislain Ouellet,a top Hydro executive. After The Nation came out, Grand Chief ... read more ››

Historic judgement backs Cree rights Canada and Quebec violated Constitution: judge

A Quebec Superior Court judge has made a landmark decision that affirms the right of Crees and other First Nations to protect their culture, language and education. justice Jean-Jacques Croteau said Canada and Quebec have violated this right, which is protected by the Constitution. Croteau ruled on a number of issues in ... read more ››

How to be a better buddy

Are you being the best friend you could possibly be? We all have our own little quirks and mix ups, but usually our friends understand. No matter how good a friend we think we are, we all have room for improvment. Here are some tips from some of our friends ... read more ››

James Bay Cree woman is a National Achiever

Dr. Emily J. Faries has been selected as a recipient of the 1998 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. This award is the Aboriginal community’s highest honour bestowed upon its achievers. Fifteen Aboriginal people have been chosen from across Canada for their success, commitment to their people and their high level of ... read more ››

Montagnais graves opened

After more than 20 years the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two Montagnais may finally be cleared up. Their families allege that the Surete du Quebec police covered up the deaths of Achille Voilant and Moise Regis. A coroner’s report ruled they accidentally died by drowning, but the families say they ... read more ››

New mandates for Regional Chief Ghisuun Picard

The recently acclaimed Regional Chief Chislain Picard said the First Nations of Quebec and Labradorare looking to redefine their relationship with the federal and Quebec governments. They also want toeducate the Canadian and Quebec public about the aspirations and hopes of the First Nations. This waspart of the political platform ... read more ››

Pleasant surprise

Teachers at Mistissini schools have been seeing lots of changes lately and were pleasantly surprised with one more. It happened during teachers’ appreciation week during February 8 to 13. Women teachers arrived to find a rose and a note of appreciation from the community of Mistissini. The men received a glass filled ... read more ››

Rez Notes

As you read this I am, God bless me, under investigation and, of course, in hiding on an almost deserted island somewhere in the northwestern hemisphere. I don’t mind telling you, it’s hot and I committed no crime. And no… I am not in trouble with the usual authorities. Ever get ... read more ››

Tribal justice

Have you ever heard or come across an interesting idea? I have recently. It seems that down south of the border where several U.S. states and the U.S. government successfully sued the tobacco companies for big money First Nations have joined in. Judge Patrick Moore of the District Court of the ... read more ››

Walk-out ends over stinky building Building smells like diesel, workers “always sick”

Employees in Chisasibi’s Administrative Centre are breathing easier after renovations were promised on the poorly ventilated building that smells like gasoline. After four years of complaints, 40 Cree School Board employees walked off their jobs on Jan. 16 to protest the bad air quality. The walk-out lasted two weeks. “We said we ... read more ››

Wildlife conservation program

We are nearly coming to the end of the Wildlife Conservation Program in Mont-Laurier. We have learned biology, ecology, animal pathology, zoology, photography, investigation and patrolling techniques, first aid and rescue techniques, and many more. The program offers 33 different courses on becoming a wildlife conservation officer, hunting and fishing guide ... read more ››