Are you being the best friend you could possibly be? We all have our own little quirks and mix ups, but usually our friends understand. No matter how good a friend we think we are, we all have room for improvment. Here are some tips from some of our friends on how to be a better buddy…

Be honest – if something she is doing gets on your nerves, say so! Maybe then things won’t be awkward any more, and things will be out in the open. You’ll be able to appreciate your friendship more then. Expect the same from her.

Make time for your friends when they need you. Sometimes you have to put them before yourself. Be there for her!

Just as important is knowing when NOT to be there. We all need our own space sometimes. Respect her private time.

Be reliable. When she tries to make plans with you, either say no or just show up. Don’t canel out on her at the last minute.

Be a good listener, and again, be honest. Tell her what you think, even if it’s bad news. There is nobody else she’d want to hear it from.

Be encouraging. When you friend is going through something difficult (quitting smoking, losing a job, a bad break-up), be there for her. Let her know she has your full support.

Nurture your friendships, even if you are far apart or too busy to talk daily. There is no need to let friendships slip away. You can still be a good friend to someone you only see now and then – just be yourself and let her know you haven’t changed.

Return favours, invitations, compliments and mean them!

Don’t take advantage of your friendship just because you know she is there for you. Learn to give as much as you take.

Respect her when she confides in you and KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. There is a reaons she told you, so remember that in a moment of gossip weakness. Don’t break her trust in you.

Don’t expect TOO much from your friends. Yes, they are there for you to depend on, but don’t expect them to solve your problems. Learn to depend on yourself, and you’ll appreciate their advice much more!

Be good to yourself. Only when you treat yourself well will you be able to treat others with the samerespect. You have to be your own best friend before you can be a friend to others!