Volume 4, Issue 18

Circumstances beyond my control…

Circumstances beyond my control, at the time, called that I take the scenic route home while investigating the “sighting” in Great Whale. More on that later. We stopped at Checkpoint Charlie just north of Matagami. We had to. I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t. They’d probably send ... read more ››

Enter the Grand Chief

When I first heard Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come was a black belt, I was a little surprised. You don’t expect people in politics to be into martial arts. But Matthew isn’t your typical politician. The discipline and patience that sustained him through years of training in Karate would later ... read more ››

Homes Stand Empty as Funds Stalled

Robert Jimikin says he isn’t impressed with the new Minister of Indian Affairs, Jane Stewart. Mistissini’s director of public works says Indian Affairs is going backwards in dealing with Native housing issues. “There’s so much red tape required to release funding it’s a headache for us,” he says. Jimikin was talking ... read more ››


A sweltering 35° had people tossing and turning in the hot early afternoon sun after a long night of dancing and singing. Even with the back end of the tent jacked up to create a cross breeze people were still looking for relief. Sometimes people had to take a boat ... read more ››

Mistissini Cops Make Waves

Mistissini Police are proud of their new patrol boat. Michael Petawabano, Mistissini’s police chief, said the presence of the police on the water is a necessary one these days. “There are a lot of people in boats. Some are drinking and there have been some fatal accidents as a result of ... read more ››

Muskuuchii: More Than a Mountain

Forestry activities in the Cree territory were not widespread or on a large scale when the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was signed. They were considered to be compatible with the hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering way of life. But as forests have become depleted further south, as consumption of ... read more ››

Quebec Wants to Double Size of Radisson – “They Want to Occupy the Territory,” Says HQ Union

The Quebec government wants to move ahead with plans to occupy Iiyiyuuschii by doubling the size of Radisson with extra Hydro-Quebec workers. But HQ and its employees already oppose the plan. The workers don’t want to live in the North and wonder why the idea is being promoted. “They want to occupy ... read more ››

RCMP Arms for Conflict with Native People

The RCMP is buying its own fleet of armoured vehicles just as a rise in conflicts with Native people has been predicted by Mountie intelligence officers. The fleet will include two Nyala RG-31 armoured vehicles to be purchased from South Africa, which often used similar vehicles to put down black uprisings ... read more ››

Relief in Sight for Commission

Some Crees may have been irritated by the lack of response from the Cree/Naskapi Commission these days. Since Judge Rejean Paul temporarily stepped down as the commission’s chairman, there have been no commissioners to hear complaints or fulfill its mandates. But there’s some good news as the Crees and Naskapi have held ... read more ››

Save the Moisie

The Innu have issued an urgent call for help to ensure that the Moisie River, one of the world’s most important salmon habitats, is protected from development. They want the river declared a permanently protected “Heritage River” by the Quebec government. The Innu are hoping to flood the Quebec premier’s and environment ... read more ››

Senneterre Cree Youth Want Back In

The Senneterre Crees are coming home. After years of feeling like outsiders in the Cree Nation, they want back in. And no one is more gung-ho than Irene Mianscum. Irene knows all about home. At 24, she’s already lived in Waswanipi, Mistissini, Lac Simon and most recently Senneterre. But during all ... read more ››

The Truth is Down There

Whapmagoostui. June 27th. The sky turns black, thunder and lightning strikes. Through the clouds comes the fireball. It disappears behind the horizon, then the fireball strikes with a loud bang and flash. The Inuit hunters who were five miles north of Ground Zero thought that Whapmagoostui was hit. They radioed in ... read more ››