Mistissini Police are proud of their new patrol boat. Michael Petawabano, Mistissini’s police chief, said the presence of the police on the water is a necessary one these days.

“There are a lot of people in boats. Some are drinking and there have been some fatal accidents as a result of the consumption of alcohol. If this boat saves one life it’s worth it,” said Petawabano.

Petawabano said when the police approached the community to buy the boat they were looking at a wide range of uses for the boat.

“If you look at the activities in the community there is a need. Everything from canoe races, beach days, search and rescue as well as regular patrolling duties. We’ll see a lot of use for the boat,” Petawabano told The Nation. He also said he expects that search and rescue will now see a faster response time as the Mistissini police can act on the own initiative.

The new twin 115 H.P. motors cut through rough waves like nothing, bragged one of the other police officers at a local beach day. It isn’t expected to cut through jurisdiction though. When asked if this boat would extend the Mistissini police’s jurisdiction Petawabano replied that Mistissini has a good working relationship with the Surete in Chibougamau. “I know they wouldn’t hesitate to accept our assistance when it’s needed. They’ve asked us in the past and we have that type of relationship with them,” said Petawabano.