The Innu have issued an urgent call for help to ensure that the Moisie River, one of the world’s most important salmon habitats, is protected from development.

They want the river declared a permanently protected “Heritage River” by the Quebec government.

The Innu are hoping to flood the Quebec premier’s and environment minister’s officers with faxes to protect the river.

Hydro-Quebec is plotting new river diversions that would disrupt the Moisie’s flow. The proposed diversions were criticized in 1993 by BAPE, the government’s environmental watchdog, which held hearings into the project.

The Moisie is North America’s greatest salmon spawning ground, with IQ-45,000 Atlantic salmon returning every year.

The Innu ask you to send your faxes to Innu lawyer Armand Mckenzie who will forward them to the relevant government ministers. Fax: (418) 968-2370.