Volume 4, Issue 16

Discussion About HQ Plans “Premature”: Billy Diamond

Chief Billy Diamond met with Resources Minister Guy Chevrette June 6 to discuss the possible diversion of the Great Whale and Rupert rivers. Will Nicholls interviewed him to get more details about HQ’s plans. The Nation: I’m calling to discuss HQ’s new plans… Chief Billy Diamond: I’ve checked out the information with ... read more ››

Forest Fires Worse Than Usual This Year

It was supposed to be a relaxing fishing trip for some Waswanipi trappers. Suddenly, lightning hit a stand of trees just outside town. It didn’t take long for the dry trees to light up into a blaze, just a few kilometres away from the community’s new sawmill! To make matters worse, another ... read more ››

Hydro Exports Tripled Since 1990

Hydro’s desire to export power to the U.S. and years of management mistakes are what’s behind the utility’s plan to revive James Bay II, says a leading U.S. energy analyst. “It seems Quebec took a big gamble and ended up losing,” said Ian Goodman, of the Boston-based Goodman Group. Hydro has been ... read more ››

I Had a Dream…

Neil was on the road, so this issue we bring you a story from Margaret Orr. -Ed. One day, before an exam, I had a dream where my Elders asked me, when I returned home, “What did you learn while being away at school?” In school we learn what is expected ... read more ››

James Bay II Back on the Table

Hydro-Quebec is reviving the dreaded James Bay II project. At the moment it’s still at the discussion stage and details are sketchy. But we do know the utility’s new plan would divert the Great Whale and Rupert rivers into existing hydro-electric projects through a series of canals. The proposal would reduce ... read more ››

James Bay Phase 2-They’re Back

It was with shock, outrage and anger that I learnt of the latest chapter to the James Bay II saga. I, and the many others, who fought Great Whale (a.k.a. James Bay Phase II) felt the same. We awakened to yet another Friday the 13th part 8; movie where the ... read more ››

Nation Win Awards

The War whoops reverberated with the intensity of finger nails scratching a blackboard. The notorious nation crowd had gathered. Neil was m.i.a. so Erland “How do you focus this?” Campbell was his stand in. On June 6th The Quebec Community Newspaper association held their convention. The Nation was up for ... read more ››

Native Vote Wins Abitibi Region

Election time has come and gone and by now people know that the Liberals retained power by a slim majority. The new Member of Parliment for the Abitibi region is Liberal candidate Guy St-Julien. He defeated the incumbent BLOC candidate by 2,643 votes. An interesting aspect of this is that 4,470 ... read more ››

Nellie’s Story

When Nellie asked me to write the introduction to her personal story, I looked at her, puzzled, and wondered, “How can I write an introduction to a story that she is telling someone else?” Then the answer came. “Nellie, my friend, I am honored. Yes I will proudly introduce you ... read more ››

U.S. Activists Pledge Support

David Miller is an executive director for the National Audobon Society. He says his organization’s policy on Great Whale is still in force. “We remain concerned about Cree culture, the wildlife and the eco-system in the James Bay,” he told us. “It seems bad ideas don’t go away. They just ... read more ››