Volume 2, Issue 22

B-ball match-up in Chisasibi

Due to the fall goose break, the Cree Nation of Chisasibi Recreation Department will be holding its 2nd Annual Northern Lights Basketball Camp and 3-on-3 Tournament on October 16 to 22 instead of September 11 to 17. The Invitational 5-on-5 tournament, which was scheduled for October 20 to 22, will ... read more ››

Circle Sentencing

On August 21, 1995, a new landmark in the Justice system was reached in Waskaganish when Mr. Justice Yvon Roberge of the Quebec Court ruled on the sentence of an accused who is also a Member of the Waskaganish First Nation. The sentence imposed was a confirmation of the decision ... read more ››

Crees seek 19 amendments to gun law

An ancient tradition is under attack. Among the Cree people, a Chishayuu often leaves a special gun to a favourite grandchild as a remembrance on his death. Under the federal gun legislation now before the Senate, the Elder could be breaking the law. First of all, the new law provides for a ... read more ››

CTA funding woes may mean layoffs

Is the Cree Trappers’ Association dying a death of small cuts? Continuous funding cutbacks have left the CTA scrambling to make ends meet, contemplating layoffs and forced to eliminate some of its most popular programs. “It’s very, very tight right now,” said CTA secretary-treasurer Simeon Pash. “We may even have to ... read more ››

Highlights from 1994 tourney

Youth attending: 39 Most Improved Player: Angela Tapiatic Most Positive Player: Harry Shem Best Hustle: Jamie Pash Best All Around Player: Paul Pachano Most Helpful Player: Louis Neacappo Men’s A Division Finalists: Chisasibi James Bay Crees – Champions: Chisasibi Triple Threat Mixed B Division Finalists: Chisasibi Dream Team III – ... read more ››

Home needed for Denis

Come rain or snow, extreme heat or cold or heat, it doesn’t matter much to Denis. This 10-year-old Inuit boy will still be outside. Denis has lived in a group home in Montreal for the last year but is ready to move on. He is looking for a foster home—either in ... read more ››

Irwin warned not to be “too generous” with Inuit

Ottawa might refuse to give any compensation to the High Arctic exiles because it doesn’t want to set a precedent for dozens of other First Nations claims. “Too generous a solution to the High Arctic relocation issue will immediately create highly inflated expectations for lucrative settlements on the part of other ... read more ››

Jeannette Armstrong: Creative Voice

With knowledge passed down through the millenia within her, Jeannette Armstrong has the ability to enchant an audience during her readings of poetry. The knowledge is more than just things she knows, it is how she carries and passes it down. With knowledge comes power and Jeannette carries it well. ... read more ››

Negligent HQ worker keeps job

A Hydro-Quebec employee who nearly killed a trespasser by opening the floodgates of a dam is expected to return to work soon. Roland Nadeau, 34, was convicted of criminal negligence and fined $700 on October 2, reported The Montreal Gazette. He was working at a dam on Rivieres-des-Prairies between Laval and ... read more ››

Rez Notes

Welcome to another edition of Rez Notes where our quest is to answer that age-old question, “What the hell is goin’ on?” Yes, our spies have been working overtime and keeping their eyes and ears alert for all the weird goings on the world over. We begin. WASKAGANISH- Be afraid, be ... read more ››

Solution to the border debate: F-18s

In 1991, a top separatist lawyer and policy-maker made a surprising statement. The First Nations and Quebecers “are going to have to talk together because they both, or all, have the right to self-determination,” said Daniel Turp, a law professor at the University of Montreal and top policy advisor to separatist ... read more ››

Square places, round wholes

One day a couple of years ago in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, a “domestic” bison decided it was time to head south. News reports tracked his progress. Yesterday he was seen in an irrigation ditch, today he was in someone’s vegetable garden, and so on. Fences were a minor annoyance. When ... read more ››