Volume 2, Issue 13

Bikers in on Winneway dam deal?

Corruption at the Winneway dam is at the centre of a government inquiry ordered by Premier Jacques Parizeau May 30. Disturbing revelations have surfaced about bribes possibly being paid to government officials, drug money-laundering and even the involvement of bikers in the Winneway dam. The inquiry will probe the sale of the ... read more ››

Cemetery viewed as key link with past

Moose River crossing—To the casual observer, the cemetery may look just like a few headstones being overrun by the encroaching wilderness. To William Iserhoff, however, it’s a vital link to the past and the backbone of a culture. Iserhoff is one of a group of former residents of the tiny community of ... read more ››

Common goals

At the end of June, Paul Gull will step down as Chairman of the Cree School Board ending 11 years of service. Initially Paul was persuaded by Waswanipi community members to run as a school commissioner in the early Eighties. At the time he remembers he was just two years ... read more ››

Dance me inside out: Michael Greyeyes, Adam Beach and Silas Crow In a scene from dance me outside

Crees, if you’ve been waiting to catch an honest yet entertaining film about teenage life on the reserve, Dance Me Outside is a definite must-see. Based on the novel by W. R Kinsella, Bruce McDonald’s latest film is successful in combining the intensity of truth with a comedy that is ... read more ››

Energy debate avoids Natives

Quebec is moving ahead with its public debate on energy, but the First Nations are already being overlooked. In a press release, the government says Quebec needs a new energy policy “rooted firmly at the centre of concerns such as economic growth, environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development.” No mention ... read more ››

Goose break

After I spent what I had considered to be the most stressful years of my life completing my Masters, I went directly into a job that was very rewarding personally but one which continued to add to the constant stress and pressure on my life. It had been almost 10 ... read more ››

Harris no friend of Natives

Ontario has just elected a new premier who believes that Native people “spend all their time” on land claims and “do nothing” to help themselves economically. In a speech before winning a huge majority in the provincial election, Conservative Party leader Mike Harris blasted the previous NDP government for being “willing ... read more ››

Jail an eye-opener for Chief Rich

Ten days in the Stephenville Women’s Correctional Centre was an eye-opening experience for Chief Katie Rich. Jailed for helping throw out a judge from Davis Inlet in 1993, she saw firsthand how badly the justice system treats Natives. “I certainly got to see how our people go through the system,” she said. Chief ... read more ››

Lost on the pow wow trail

The Pow Wow Trail stretches from the southern United States, north to James Bay and all the way across the ocean to Germany. Yes, Germany. Where blond, blue-eyed Aryan men, women and children assemble in the countryside and set up teepees and light fires, braid their hair, put on their ... read more ››

Ottawa stiffed us: Quebec

Ottawa is stiffing Quebec for $198 million in bills from the Oka crisis and the education of Crees and Inuit, says a Quebec cabinet minister. Intergovernment Affairs Minister Louise Beaudoin stormed off to Ottawa with her complaint about the unpaid bills in May, saying Quebec has gotten a raw deal yet ... read more ››

Parizeau snubs Chiefs

First Nations Chiefs spent almost $100,000 on their first meeting with Premier Jacques Parizeau, but he decided not to show up at the last moment. Chiefs had already postponed their general assembly to accommodate Parizeau. The premier didn’t attend because his advisor, David Cliche, was worried his boss would end up getting ... read more ››

Pressure PQ on the “fundamentals”: Chief

After six years without formal talks, the Cree Chiefs and Quebec have agreed to sit down at the table together. Now, says Chief Abel Bosum, Crees have to make sure those negotiations focus on “fundamental” issues important to the entire Cree Nation, not just gains in funding or services. “Every community varies ... read more ››

Regaining the past

Not many people are aware that a Cultural Institute file exists and is active. Kenny Mianscum met recently with The Nation to talk about a mutual desire—to see a Cree museum a reality. The Cultural Institute facilities are looking at the possibilities of housing a museum, a theater/stage, the CSB ... read more ››

Representation and political process

Important issues and questions have been raised in the recent deal with the provincial government The deal, reported in the last issue of The Nation, covers issues like economic development, infrastructure, services for Elders and “modernization” of the James Bay Agreement. Some might say this Memorandum of Understanding is possibly only ... read more ››

Spring Time Long Ago

Recently on visit to Montreal, Eliza was interviewed for this story. We thank her for taking the time to tell us a story of what she has seen in the past. During this time of the season, we fished, while the fish spawned. That was what the people worked on ... read more ››

Square dancers compete for $25,000

The Mistissini Youth Square Dancers invite all to the Mistissini 3rd Annual Invitational Square Dance Competition June 29-July 1. Registration fees are: $100 for singles (both adult and youth), $200 for couples and $500 for groups. Juniors (12 and under) pay $75 for singles, $100 for couples and $300 for groups. Over ... read more ››

The Nation takes two awards

The Nation won two awards and one honourable mention at the annual gala of the Quebec Community Newspaper Association on June 2. Our coverage of last summer’s Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow Wow in Kahnawake won the award for Best Photo Essay. The pix were taken by Neil Diamond, Ernest ... read more ››

We as children tend to think about how special our parents are when we don’t see them any more….

We as children tend to think about how special our parents are when we don’t see them any more. This Father’s Day, we would like to recognize our dad in a very special way. During goose break, our dad was diagnosed with a tumor in his bladder. On May 29 ... read more ››