We as children tend to think about how special our parents are when we don’t see them any more. This Father’s Day, we would like to recognize our dad in a very special way. During goose break, our dad was diagnosed with a tumor in his bladder. On May 29 he was supposed to have an operation in Val d’Or. He came home saying they would transfer him to Montreal for the operation on June 15, 1995. This Father’s Day, our dad won’t be with us, but we will remember him in our prayers. We would like to share the following poem for our dad, Albert Mianscum.

Children do not realize…

How much a dad will do To give them love and guidance They can count on all life through.

Although he’s often busy With life’s everyday demands, He takes the time to listen And he always understands.

He sets aside the things he wants When there’s a special need,

And he does everything he can To help his kids succeed.

And when they’re grown, his children know,

Beyond the slightest doubt,

That these were all the reasons They felt loved and cared about.

It’s then they understand how much Their father’s really done To help to make their family A secure and happy one.

With thoughts of you on your special day, dad And with loving thanks for all You’ve done and still do! Happy Father’s Day, dad We love you so much from your children: Kenny, Jeannie, Charlie, Bentley, Margo and Jody