ARTICLES BY Janie Pachano

Tribute to Gracie Herodier Orr

In an editorial I came across in The Nation, Will Nicholls wrote about yin and yang, positive and negative energies, and the male and female in us all. As human beings, we are all faced with the positive and negative every day of our lives and our test is to ... read more ››

Unveiling the shroud of the James Bay Cultural Education Centre

The James Bay Cultural Education Centre has a major communications problem and with obtaining support from the Cree leadership like many other Cree entities. In agreeing to the interview with The Nation (see The Nation, July 19), I had hoped to improve the situation, but I soon realized and expressed ... read more ››

Goose break

After I spent what I had considered to be the most stressful years of my life completing my Masters, I went directly into a job that was very rewarding personally but one which continued to add to the constant stress and pressure on my life. It had been almost 10 ... read more ››