Volume 1, Issue 24

B.C. says no to Three Gorges

British Columbia says it won’t participate in China’s $50-billion Three Gorges Dam project, saying it doesn’t support mega-projects. Premier Michael Harcourt said there is a strong environmental ethic in B.C. “We don’t allow uranium exploration or uranium mining or nuclear power,” said Harcourt in a Globe and Mail story. “For that, and ... read more ››

Chew on this: It’s low in calories

A much-awaited study on the health of the Crees has been released. It all began in 1989 with meetings between the Quebec Health Ministry and the Cree Health Board. The mandate was given: Find out the state of the Crees’ well-being. So Crees were trained in Montreal on how to conduct ... read more ››

Crees jubilant over Great Whale victory – HQ caught pants down…

November 18 was a day of jubilation in James Bay as the news spread that Premier Jacques Parizeau had indefinitely postponed the Great Whale River Project. Some couldn’t believe their ears. One Whapmagoostui Cree who fought the project for the band stood holding the phone for two minutes in silence when ... read more ››

Dene fight NWT tax scheme

The Northwest Territories is trying to tax Native people in the province but the Dene are fighting back. Dene National Chief Bill Erasmus and the government exchanged fire for several days over a 1-per-cent payroll tax, which all territory residents are now required to pay. The NWT council approved the tax ... read more ››

Drouin still in there

Richard Drouin, the president of Hydro-Quebec, is holding on to his job for another three years. According to an article in La Presse, Drouin was told he can keep his job by Natural Resources Minister Francois Gendron on Oct. 28. That put an end to weeks of speculation that the Parizeau ... read more ››

Friendship centre seeks help

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal is desperate to find a bigger building and needs your help. “We need help, we need donations, people to sit on our committees, we need contacts,” says Linda Arkwright, who works at the centre. The centre held a cocktail and brainstorming session in late November to ... read more ››

Friendship centres could lose 75% of funds

Canada is planning to cut up to 75 per cent of its funding to Native friendship centres across the country. There has even been talk of cutting all funding to the 99 friendship centres in Canada. News of the cutbacks left staff at Montreal’s Native Friendship Centre stunned when they first heard ... read more ››

Great Whale Celebrates

After news spread that the Great Whale project was shelved indefinitely, the people of Whapmagoostui were overjoyed. Everybody was jumping around joyfully or shaking hands. Some people couldn’t sleep for two days they were so excited. A celebration was planned. We contacted Chief Matthew Mukash for his comments. The Nation: You must ... read more ››

Hydro poisoning fish, Crees say

Power utilities should be fined if they build hydro-projects that release too much mercury into the environment, said officials of the Grand Council of the Crees at a House of Commons committee in mid-November. Testifying before the standing committee on the environment, Bill Namagoose said mercury contamination caused by hydro-electric dams ... read more ››

Hydro study deeply flawed, say panels

Hydro-Quebec has wasted $256 million on studies of the Great Whale project that don’t meet environmental standards. Four federal and provincial committees studying the project said on Nov. 18 that Hydro’s studies—conducted over a period of 11 years—fail to answer key questions about the mega-project and have “major inadequacies.” Just hours after ... read more ››

Long jail-terms for SM-3 protest

Two members of the Nitassinan Coalition and a Belgian photographer have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to seven months for being present at the blockade against the Ste-Marguerite hydro-project last June. The Nitassinan Coalition was also fined $25,000. The group set up the blockade in an effort to ... read more ››

Montreal police beat Natives (at volleyball)

Station 25 of the Montreal Urban Community Police Department invited the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal to a volleyball game on Thursday, November 17. The heavily media-covered game was played at the Currie Sports Centre at McGill University. I’m sad to report that the courageous Native team lost three matches out of ... read more ››

Native women seek more funding

The new president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada is calling on Ottawa to put its money where its mouth is and fund her group so it can adequately represent Native women. “It’s fine to say we have to listen,” Walker said in a Windspeaker article. “Give us the funding ... read more ››

Our walking out

This is our walking out ceremony The Nation has been in existence for one year now. I never knew The Nation would develop into anything like this, much less make it to a year. I knew communication is an integral part of any society, but it really hit home when we were ... read more ››

Partners in Education

THE CREE School Board’s “Partners in Education” conference took place in Chisasibi on the 15th, 16th and 17th of November, 1994. Delegates were brought to the conference by Air Creebec and Air Inuit charters. (Air Wemindji were grounded and couldn’t be used.) The organizers were expecting 500 people to attend and ... read more ››

Stay out, Mohawks tell SQ

Three Mohawk communities in southern Quebec have declared themselves no-go areas for the Surete du Quebec. “We’re putting the red lights up to the provincial police,” said Kanehsatake Grand Chief Jerry Peltier in a Gazette story. “If they go through these lights, they are breaking the law—our law.” The Grand Chiefs of ... read more ››

The world according to Henri L. Comte

A leading media analyst spells out a macabre vision for the future of Quebec and the Crees “The future is north… We don’t know what’s up there, nickel, maybe diamonds. It has to be explored.” HE’LL NEVER forget the date. October 21, 1991. That was the day that changed Henri L. Comte’s life. That day, ... read more ››

V for Victory

When I first heard that Great Whale had been postponed indefinitely, all I felt was disbelief. I had to check things out myself. I mean, given the tenacity with which Hydro-Quebec promoted the Great Whale project, I did not think the war would be over so soon. No celebrations for ... read more ››