ARTICLES BY Ernest Webb and Catherine Bainbridge

Our week with Elijah and his family

We arrived at Elijah and Marion Cox’s camp on the I Oth of March. The camp is made up of severalcabins used by different family members. It is wedged in between the LG-2 airport and the dikes thatsnake along their family’s traditional hunting grounds. The camp is in an area ... read more ››

Chew on this: It’s low in calories

A much-awaited study on the health of the Crees has been released. It all began in 1989 with meetings between the Quebec Health Ministry and the Cree Health Board. The mandate was given: Find out the state of the Crees’ well-being. So Crees were trained in Montreal on how to conduct ... read more ››

Wemindji radio accused of being too one-sided

In a newsletter currently circulating among Wemindji residents, the local radio station has been accused of banning people opposed to Chief Walter Hughboy’s administration from getting on air. “There is a broadcast ban on our local radio,” the newsletter says. Wemindji station manager Jacqueline Blackned responds by saying that the radio has ... read more ››

Re-election bid fails in Wemindji

A group of Wemindji residents failed in their attempt to call a re-election in their community when they couldn’t get quorum at a band meeting. Calling themselves the Wemindji Silent Majority, 137 people signed a petition calling for the special band meeting. At the meeting residents were to decide whether general ... read more ››