Volume 1, Issue 22

“The PQ dances with wolves”

This editorial appeared in Le Soleil, a Quebec City daily paper on Oct. 14. Some Indian Chiefs never miss an opportunity to make incendiary statements, to demonstrate their contempt for Canadian and Quebec political leaders by indulging in low demagogy, and to enlarge the chasm in public opinion between the Aboriginals ... read more ››

Castel “dismayed” by speech

A prominent Quebec environmentalist group has distanced herself from the Crees in the wake of Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come’s visit to Washington in September. Daphna Castel, head of the group Mouvement Au Courant, accused the Grand Chief of insulting Quebecers with his speech. “We were surprised and dismayed to see ... read more ››


IN A COOL CALM September evening, gazing into the sunset, I sat alone in my chair which was fashioned by time, pondering of the days gone by. The memories of my youth clearly remained with me. I remember the days of my childhood upbringing. I was always encouraged to chase after ... read more ››

First Invitational Basketball Tournament

Mistissini Lake, Quebec. October 6-9. Hosted by Mistissini Lake, Quebec Organized by N.N.A.D.A.P. 8. Mistissini Sports and Recreation Dept. Awards Prize money of over $7,250 was given out in three different categories of basketball, as well as $50 cash was given to the Most Valuable Player in each of the categories. Men’s Basketball Chisasibi II Champions: $2,500 & ... read more ››

Hearings into nuclear waste

The Canadian government is one step closer to burying tons of nuclear waste in the Canadian Shield. A federal report released on Oct. 26 says nuclear waste can be safely stored up to a kilometre deep in the Canadian Shield. The waste would be buried in rock formations known as plutons, ... read more ››

Hollywood rapped on natives

Tired of being exploited by the film and TV industry, Native Americans gave Hollywood a wakeup call in early October, reports Indian Country Today. A council of First Nations actors, actresses and activists said it is unacceptable for non-natives to be cast as natives in films and on TV. They also ... read more ››

I want my swimming pool

I want my swimming pool. When I was a young kid. I loved going down to the shore to go swimming. Everyone would be there. As if the hot summer days lasted forever. Playing and swimming in the river were happy times for me. After swimming all afternoon, there’d be a ... read more ››

Kashtin returns with Akua Tuta

CLAUDE MCKENZIE had problems with alcohol. He was at a party back in his home town of Maliotenam 800 km northeast of Montreal. That night, he drove his girlfriend home. On his way, he hit a teenage girl. She went into a coma. Rumours circulated that she might not live. ... read more ››

Losing someone I cared about

IN MEMORY of my Grand-uncle, a hunter, who passed away this summer. Many have known him as a best friend, but to me he was a namesake and the most influential Elder in my childhood. Practically every day, memories of this man fill my mind. Certainly in the future, I do believe ... read more ››

Mistissini gives Cree basketball a boost

After a basketball clinic was cancelled in Mistissini, William MacLeod had an idea. Mistissini would host a basketball tournament. MacLeod, who is executive director of Mistissini Band Council, told The Nation that he came up with the idea after listeningto the youth in Mistissini. Mistissini youth had been talking about starting ... read more ››

Mohawks to put on trade show

Mohawks are organizing an international trade show for next year which will feature 250 businesses from all seven Mohawk communities. “We want to dispell certain myths,” said organizer Dale Dione in an article in Montreal’s Hour weekly. “A trade show would be an excellent opportunity to change the image in the ... read more ››

No Regrets: Tom Jackson

TOM JACKSON WAS born on a small reserve called One Arrow in Saskatchewan. His roots are Cree and English. Currently living in Winnipeg, he’s inescapably in the fast lane. I’m not just passing gossip about North Of 60’s huge sucess here. I’m sure most people have seen him in his role ... read more ››

Nothing ruled over me

(Photo: Mina Tapaiatic at Mamweedow Minschtukch, July, 1994.) Translated by Ernest Webb “I’m beading right now,” she said, as I talked to her through the phone. “I’m kissing you,” she said. “Me too,” I replied. She raised seven children. Two have passed away. Thirty four Grandchildren. Three passed away. Seventy great-Grandchildren and 18 ... read more ››

PQ photo-op rebuffed

Sparks have been flying between the PQ government and the Grand Council over the policing question in Cree communities. Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come refused to attend a press conference organized for Oct. 26 where a policing agreement was to be signed. The photo op was to be attended by Grand ... read more ››

PQ wants SQ in Kanehsatake

Tensions are high in Kanehsatake following an announcement by SQ Public Security Minister Serge Menard that the SQ is going to crack down on alleged lawlessness in the Mohawk community. “If there are no police here, it’s anarchy,” Menard told reporters at a press conference on Oct. 29. “The political will ... read more ››

Re-election bid fails in Wemindji

A group of Wemindji residents failed in their attempt to call a re-election in their community when they couldn’t get quorum at a band meeting. Calling themselves the Wemindji Silent Majority, 137 people signed a petition calling for the special band meeting. At the meeting residents were to decide whether general ... read more ››

Render unto Caesar only what is Caesar’s

January 1st is just around the corner and the taxman cometh. The Department of Revenue is about to be the new tool of Canada’s assimilation policies. Hold on, you say. This isn’t the old days. Our rights are protected and Canada is no longer the bogeyman out to get us. I ... read more ››

Tough talk from Quebec Chiefs

Tensions have been running high between First Nations and the PQ government in recent weeks. At a three-day meeting north of Quebec City, native Chiefs issued a unanimous declaration rejecting the PQ policy that Quebec’s borders cannot be changed. The First Nations have the right to self-determination and will defend that ... read more ››

Wally Rabbitskin 1st in Quebec

Congratulations to Mistissini’s Wally Rabbitskin, who came in first among Quebec participants in the Montreal Marathon on Sept. 18. Wally’s finishing time for the prestigious 26-mile race was 2 hours, 31 minutes and 30 seconds. Wally finished ninth overall among the 6,000 participants. Aged 32, Wally has been racing in marathons for ... read more ››

Wemindji radio accused of being too one-sided

In a newsletter currently circulating among Wemindji residents, the local radio station has been accused of banning people opposed to Chief Walter Hughboy’s administration from getting on air. “There is a broadcast ban on our local radio,” the newsletter says. Wemindji station manager Jacqueline Blackned responds by saying that the radio has ... read more ››

YOUTH ESSAY Contest Winners

Congratulations to all those who Entered The Nation’s First Cree Youth Essay Contest. All the entires were excellent, which made it hard to choose the winners. But we narrowed it down to the top six finalists. Rodney Hester, Age 21, of Nemaska, won our Grand Prize with his fictional essay called “Dreamcatcher.” ... read more ››