Tensions are high in Kanehsatake following an announcement by SQ Public Security Minister Serge Menard that the SQ is going to crack down on alleged lawlessness in the Mohawk community.

“If there are no police here, it’s anarchy,” Menard told reporters at a press conference on Oct. 29. “The political will to intervene exists.”

While in opposition, the PQ repeatedly demanded a crackdown on supposed criminality in Mohawk communities.

Menard said Kanehsatake residents have complained of being terrorized by a group of Mohawks firing guns and driving dangerously.

But in interviews with Kanehsatake residents, a Gazette reporter found the problem isn’t as bad as Menard says.

Grand Chief Jerry’ Peltier refused to allow an SQ presence in Kanehsatake, and said Quebec police are in for a fight if they intervene.

“It won’t happen,” said a Mohawk interviewed by the Gazette. “There’ll be a war if it does.”