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Recognizing the future

The purpose of the evening was to acknowledge those who had left their communities and moved to Montreal to pursue higher learning. Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff and CREECO’s communications officer Jonathan Saganash rounded up Montreal’s top-performing Cree students for a night of fine Japanese cuisine at Toyo, not only to ... read more ››

The second chance man

With a high drop-out rate often comes social and legal trouble. That is why for kids that have had such difficulty there are people like Gordon Hudson. Hudson works for the Cree Health Board and is the regional director for Youth Healing Services. “Basically I take care of the group homes,” ... read more ››

A BIG STEP – Youth head up healing gathering

Tina Petawabano was the Coordinator for a Cree Nation Gathering for Healing, held in Mistissini in August. We interviewed Petawabano in a teepee on the second last day of the Gathering at Mistissini’s culture camp. The camp has grown from past years and is a must-see for anyone visiting this ... read more ››

Youth And Healing

This week (April 8-12) is Misitissini’s first-ever Wellness Week, but the healing process in that community began over a year and a half ago. “For the past year, we’ve been been working really hard on sexual abuse healing,” said Helen Iserhoff, Mistissini’s Community Health Representative. The community woke up to the pain ... read more ››

Katejun beats Quebec motocross champ

Sydney Coonishish knew his son, Katejun, was a natural for competitive racing when he could handle a 440 cc ski-doo with ease at 4 years of age. But Sydney didn’t know of any snowmobile competitions for 4-year-olds. So Katejun cooled his heels for a few years until he and his father ... read more ››

Speak for your future

Today, as a young student, I would like to speak about my future education. A good education is one of the most important steps so that we will be able to contribute to our Cree Society. One school subject that I really value is Cree Culture because it teaches me about ... read more ››