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Imagine all the people…

Do you remember exactly what you were doing 30 years ago this moment? As I write this, on the evening of December 8, 2010, I can vividly recall where I was on the same evening in 1980 and what I was thinking, even, just as can millions of other folks of ... read more ››

Sometimes life seems unfair

Sometimes life does not seem fair. That’s how I felt when I heard the news about my friend Audrey Allaire on November 4. I was shocked to hear that she had passed away at the young age of 44. All I could think of was that this was really unjust. Audrey ... read more ››

Mistissini’s Wreath of Hope campaign in full swing

Mistissini’s grocery store Meechum Red’g once again has its annual charity drive underway to help spread holiday cheer to the community’s neediest families. According to Meechum’s Beverly Quinn, there are three ways to help those in need this season. The annual “angel tree” is already up within the store for those ... read more ››

Val-d’Or’s Native Friendship Centre honoured by human rights commission

The Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre (VDFNC) received a special mention from the jury of the Prix Droits et Libertés (Rights and Freedoms Prize) 2010, awarded by Quebec’s Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission) on November 25. The VDFNC ... read more ››

Community Health grads receive their college certificates

The Agora of the Centre d’étude supérieures Lucien-Cliche at the Cégep de l’Abitibi Témiscamingue in Val-d’Or was almost full for a special graduation ceremony on Thursday evening, December 2. Laurie Ann Georgekish (of Wemindji) and Joni Saganash (of Waswanipi) received a certificate of college education making them both the first Community ... read more ››

Dakota House sets community on fire

Dakota House recently visited Nemaska Cree Nation in northern Quebec during the opening of Luke Mettaweskum School’s new building addition. The event was filled with numerous artists, such as actor Nathaniel Arcand, who teamed up with House and held a workshop on the film and television industry. The evening celebration ... read more ››

Banning spirituality

Oujé-Bougoumou’s Redfern Mianscum just days ago witnessed his community tear down a sweat lodge he built with his bare hands earlier this fall. The community did so under a new bylaw that was passed in late October banning all traditional spiritual practices within reserve limits after a petition was passed ... read more ››

Recognizing the future

The purpose of the evening was to acknowledge those who had left their communities and moved to Montreal to pursue higher learning. Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff and CREECO’s communications officer Jonathan Saganash rounded up Montreal’s top-performing Cree students for a night of fine Japanese cuisine at Toyo, not only to ... read more ››

No Cree stamp of approval

While the verdict might be in from the Cree of Mistissini to reject Strateco Resources’ bid to build a uranium exploration ramp deep down into the Otish Mountains, just a few kilometres down the road the town of Chibougamau is singing a different tune. On November 23, the final in a ... read more ››

Talking about suicide from all directions

For eight years now the Dialogue for Life Network has been bringing together First Nations from Quebec, Labrador and around the world to discuss suicide, its implications on First Nations communities and how better to help those affected by it. Comprised of a three-day pre-conference for professionals, such as frontline workers, ... read more ››

A carol for all

“O holy night…” the songstress crooned for all to hear at the local Christmas show. Ahhh, the Christmas show… it brings back memories. This time, I’ll bring back some memories that belong to others and that should be shared. She sang until no one could criticize, everyone knowing that it was ... read more ››

A man of the people

Smally Petawabano was a man who will always be a part of the people who knew him. His way of being was the Cree way of life. He lived a good life and his loss will be felt. Smally passed away on December 3 and his absence will be felt. ... read more ››

Peace and goodwill this season

Christmas is a time when our communities are at their busiest with people out and about celebrating. The holidays are a high-risk time for many things. There are always a few who drink too much and are more susceptible to becoming either victims or perpetrators of alcohol-fuelled violence. There are more fires, ... read more ››