Category: 2006-09-01

AIDS: infecting our people at an alarming rate

The biggest misconception when it comes to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is the fact that you are safe from it and that you could not possibly contract the disease. Well, you’re dead wrong, especially if you happen to be Native. A recent report talked about the rates Aboriginals contract ... read more ››

Talk is no longer cheap

As an avid Star Trek fan since childhood (I even made a model starship, only to find out years later that it was a Klingon ship), I often wondered whether or not those neat items like the Tri-corder would ever come to be in the real world. Well, what do ... read more ››

Gordon Blackned elected new CSB Chairman – Brings ambitious program of change into new mandate

The people decided it was a time for a change. Voters from the nine Cree communities elected new Cree School Board Chairman Gordon Blackned, the Director General of the CSB, to replace incumbent William Mianscum during a run-off election in early August. Blackned took 1,350 votes to Mianscum’s 846 to win a ... read more ››

Cree lawyer-to-be is on a mission to help her people

As the Cree Nation continues to grow, so too do the hopes and dreams of its young people. Marie Eve Lachapelle-Bordeleau, 24, is a prime example. She recently passed the Quebec bar exam and is now hoping to help her own people. “I decided to study law because I wanted to [eventually] ... read more ››

Language skills key school success

As the economy grows stronger in the North, so does its need for educated and skilled workers. In a growing economy, a good education can be more valuable than gold. In the past, sadly, proper systems were not in place within the school systems to help Cree kids learn at the ... read more ››

The second chance man

With a high drop-out rate often comes social and legal trouble. That is why for kids that have had such difficulty there are people like Gordon Hudson. Hudson works for the Cree Health Board and is the regional director for Youth Healing Services. “Basically I take care of the group homes,” ... read more ››

Vocational school offers life solutions

Does your job give you the “blahs”? Are you thinking about changing careers? Have you ever aspired to learn a trade but didn’t know where to start? If you have answered yes to any or all three of these questions, the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre in Waswanipi may have ... read more ››

Innu Chief re-elected

Controversial Innu leader Raphael Picard was re-elected to a third consecutive term as chief of the Innu Council of Pessamit (Betsiamites). The election, held August 18, pitted Picard against rival Rene Simon, a man Picard defeated twice before. Picard garnered 885 of 1,505 ballots cast while former chief Simon received 620 votes. ... read more ››

Drink, dope and the damage done – Unborn children are hurt for life when pregnant parents party hard

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the phenomenon of children born with birth defects as a result of a pregnant mother’s consumption of alcohol, may have only come to the attention of Northern educators in recent years, but measures are now being taken to help these kids. Says Dorothy Nicholls, Vice-Principal of Mistissini’s Voyager ... read more ››

Money for Waswanipi school announced – Education becoming growth engine for community

The Quebec government will fund the construction of a new elementary school in Waswanipi. The office of Premier Jean Charest announced August 9 that the government will spend $8.4 million for a school that can accommodate 260 students. It will have 16 classes, five specialized rooms, a gymnasium and a library. Abraham ... read more ››

Making it Right

This summer I had the opportunity to participate in events surrounding the Treaty #9 Centennial Commemorations with communities in the Wabun Tribal Council area. I had the chance to meet many people and to listen to what our First Nation leaders are saying about the past 100 years of the ... read more ››

Results of the 10th Annual Mistissini Police Fishing Derby

For the past 10 years the Mistissini Police have hosted an Annual Fishing Derby for the community of Mistissini and visitors. There are prizes to be won and stories to be told but the main focus is children and their well-being. Each year there is an organization or event selected ... read more ››