Good news for Aboriginal post secondary students: their money can now go towards rent and tuition instead of income taxes.

Using an anonymous senior government source, an article by Canadian Press reporter Sue Bailey alluded to the fact that Native students are the most under-represented in terms of success and that the gap between Native students and nonnative students was very wide.

According to the article, Indian Affairs Minister Andy Scott mentioned at a Liberal meeting that “some good news” was coming on that front, but he would not comment further.

In a story that appeared in the last issue of the Nation, it was discovered that Crees who are part of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement were exempt from the new taxation.

However, other Cree, most notably those on the west coast of James Bay, were not.

There was an initial uproar in Native communities after hearing that

the Native PSE students would be taxed starting in 2006.