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Wabun Youth Gathering inspires hope

Life for a young person today is a challenge. They live in such a fast-paced world where much is expected of them. Back when I was a boy in my home community of Attawapiskat, I was outside most of the time playing with my friends or out on the land ... read more ››

Space oddities

Looking at the moon, clean and bright against the sunny sky in the crisp, deep blue openness of a July moment, made me remember Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. It was July 20, 1969, and even though we couldn’t see anything happening a quarter-million miles away, to ... read more ››

The Nation spends several days getting back to basics at Mamoweedow

It is early morning on Fort George Island, and 87-year-old Jade Matthew is building a teepee with her husband. Grabbing two long birch poles tied together at one end with bright red rope, they place the bottoms in the soil, forming an inverted V. Jane moves deliberately, methodically placing the rest ... read more ››

You Gotta Wonder

Let me see, Minster Nault of Indian Affairs puts a little Indian Band into third party management but that’s because it has problems, not because he’s getting back at them for criticizing his administration. And recently Indian Affairs denied that the $5 million that they cut to the Assembly of First ... read more ››

Telebec Proposes Rate Hikes

A recent public document obtained by the Nation contains proposed rate increases for basic phone service in the James Bay region. The document, dated July 6, 2001, was submitted to the CRTC by Telebec. The phone company has proposed rate increases to take place over the next two years for ... read more ››

Uashat-Maliotenam Band Election Uproar

It was a close election With Chief Rosario Pinette defeating Elie Jaques with only 33 votes on July 31, 2001. The vote was contested and violence epurted in the community. Two nights nights in a row seen what police called alcohol fueled rampages. Estimated damages to band buildings and businesses totaled ... read more ››


The first Gathering of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador’s (AFNQL) youth will be held in August of 2001. Between three hundred fifty and five hundred young delegates and observers from all of our communities, from Quebec Native Women and from urban centers will get together to share their ... read more ››

Quebec Government’s Violation of Law Costing Crees at least $105 Million a Year, They Say

The Crees of James Bay in Quebec (Eeyou Istchee) estimate that a minimum of $105,124,000 in subsidies are granted to Quebec logging companies every year because of the failure of the Quebec government to implement environmental and social provisions of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. They say this figure ... read more ››

Coon Come, Chiefs Challenge Nault

One year after his election as National Chief, Matthew Coon Come passed the toughest test of his leadership last week in Halifax. The annual general meeting of the Assembly of First Nations provided the opportunity for Coon Come’s detractors to challenge his ability to lead effectively, but the National Chief ... read more ››

It’s been some time since I started going to school…

It’s been some time since I started going to school, at the tender age of six, at Horden Hall in Moose Factory in the early ‘sixties. I was a model student and getting into trouble only a few times a year, like setting off the fire extinguisher in grade four ... read more ››

2nd Annual OAPRA

Nominations from the public for the second annual Ontario Aboriginal Partnerships Recognition Award (OAPRA) are now open. The award was established by the Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat with the assistance of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. “The award recognizes the Aboriginal and corporate leaders who are building partnerships that remove barriers, ... read more ››

Ex-Mohawk Cop Guilty of Fraud

Barry Commando, former chief of the aboriginal police force in Kanesatake, has been found guilty on two charges of fraud and theft. Commando, who was chief of the first all-aboriginal police force in Kanesatake from it’s inception in 1997 until his firing in January 1999, had been charged with multiple ... read more ››

R.I.P. Mordecai

Montreal author, columnist, wit, man about town, and scourge of Quebec separatists, Mordecai Richler is dead. Richler passed away the day after Canada Day, July 2nd. He was best known for his novel “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.” He also wrote the screenplay of the same name and earned an Academy ... read more ››

A Parent’s Pride

The evening of June 8, 2001, will always be remembered by me and my family. This was the evening that our oldest son, Christopher Junior, graduated from grade 12 at Ecole Theriault, in Timmins Ontario. As a parent, the moment when your oldest graduates is indeed a proud one. It is ... read more ››