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I love the smell of tear gas in the morning

As I write, downtown Toronto is occupied territory, off-limits to the citizens who actually own the streets and public spaces ringed by a modern-day Great Wall of chain-link fences, video surveillance and phalanxes of heavily armoured security personnel. As a billion-dollar show of force, it’s impressive. Conceptually, it’s not far removed ... read more ››

Strateco answers the letter of Elaine Hébert, member of the Mich Cini coalition

In response to the letter published in the Nation (Vol. 17, No. 16; June 18, 2010), authored by Élaine Hébert, spokesperson for the Mich Cini Coalition, we would like to re-establish certain facts whose inaccuracy is misleading the public about the safety of the nuclear industry. Similarly to Mrs Hébert, we ... read more ››

Virtual walk from Mistissini to Nemaska launched

Chronic Disease Agent Sol Awashish, with the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay, has launched a virtual walk from Mistissini to Nemaska to promote healthy living. According to Awashish, the idea isn’t to actually get anyone to walk from Mistissini to Nemaska, but instead complete 378 km ... read more ››

Ontario Power Generation starts hydroelectric project with Moose Cree First Nation

Construction has begun on the largest hydroelectric development project in northern Ontario in over 40 years. Dubbed the Lower Matagami Project, the new development will nearly double the output of the four hydro stations already on the river by adding nearly 438 megawatts to their output. The $2.6 billion project will bring ... read more ››

Child advocates say a plan is needed for Canada’s Aboriginal children

A report released on June 23 by the Canadian Council of Provincial Child and Youth Advocates, titled Aboriginal Children and Youth in Canada: Canada Must Do Better, has pointed to how Aboriginal children and youth are the most “important and neglected human-rights issue in this country”. The report reaffirms the need, ... read more ››

Too Much Of A Good Thing

There is only one real dessert in the Cree culture – and that is bannock. It is a baked mix of mostly flour and water with variations that sometimes add some sugar. To many, it might seem very bland but there is more to bannock than just plain white dough. ... read more ››

Celebrating National Aboriginal Day in Montreal

It was a beautiful sunny day as a diverse group of people congregated at the entrance of the Montreal Botanical Garden on June 21, National Aboriginal Day. Most striking among the group were several Elders and youths dressed in traditional clothes and carrying drums. Then shortly after 10 am, a conch was ... read more ››

Grand Chief Coon Come's Statement

Wachiya. I am Matthew Coon Come. I am the Grand Chief of the James Bay Cree Nation in Eeyou Istchee. I am here today to make a personal statement, not as a political leader but rather as an Indigenous human being. Our parents tell us about the day when the plane ... read more ››

Truth and reconciling

First Nations, Métis and Inuit from across Canada convened, shared, prayed and made permanent records of the abuse that they suffered at the hands of the government-imposed Residential School System at the Truth and Reconciliation National (TRC) Event held in Winnipeg from June 16-19. Many of Canada’s First Peoples attended the ... read more ››

Voices of opposition heard in Vermont

While Vermont moved quickly this past May to pass a bill that would see Hydro-Québec granted status as a renewable-energy source, no Crees had the opportunity to speak about the projects that have so deeply affected them in the state legislature. Instead, journalist Keefer Irwin took statements made on Vermont Public ... read more ››

Northern songbird

Meeting Elisapie Isaac is like hooking up with an old friend you haven’t seen for years. Within minutes, you are in deep conversation catching up on past events. As the electronic music pulsated over the speakers in the designer lounge of the Sofitel Hotel in downtown Montreal, the strikingly attractive Inuk ... read more ››

A journey of a lifetime

It was a rainy day and the thought of spending time with 19 children from Chisasibi was something I was looking forward to, especially knowing that we were going to Parc Safari, just south of Montreal. As I started thinking about the trip, a big smile crossed my face. Arriving at ... read more ››

Imposing elections

According to Tony Wawatie, a community representative from Barriere Lake, Minister Chuck Strahl and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) are imposing section 74 of the Indian Act electoral system on the community despite its desire to select its own leadership traditionally. “They are sending out mail-in ballots to ... read more ››

Suspicious minds part 2

In my last Rez Notes (Vol. 17, No. 16), I mentioned there were some people who were stranded for the last 50 years, surveyors left in the middle of nowhere to map out the great white north. Some of these surveyors did not return to civilization to report what they ... read more ››

National Aboriginal Day in Val-d’Or

While National Aboriginal Day may not have made the news beyond funding cuts in big cities around Canada, in Quebec, Val d’Or’s festivities drew a crowd of 700 people. Perhaps it was the fact they were also celebrating the local Friendship Centre’s 35th anniversary or Val-d’Or’s 75th anniversary that so many ... read more ››