Category: 2006-12-08

Rupert River: R.I.P.?

For five years already, the most divisive issue in recent history has been gripping the Cree Nation: the loss of the irreplaceable Rupert River. The issue has created a deep divide between the people who voted for the Paix des Braves and those opposed to it. It has torn apart friends ... read more ››

As the earth moves…

The world as we know it changes constantly. There’s nothing static about it, nothing remains the same. Paradoxically, even though we complain all these changes happen too slowly, we resist all change. Take, for instance, the rate of change with relation to time. We were relatively unchanged for thousands of years ... read more ››

Rupert diversion gets green light – COMEX rules project viable, province agrees

The Comité d’examen (COMEX) has opened the gate for the EM IA Rupert River Diversion in a ruling that classes it a viable project that will stimulate economic growth in the north. Quebec approved the report the same day, November 24. “It was a unanimous recommendation from the five members of ... read more ››

UN opposes rights for indigenous peoples

“Tuesday, November 28, 2006 will be a day Indigenous people from around the world will remember for decades to come. It was the day we were denied the rights the rest of the world takes for granted,” said Bruce Curlis, former Nipmuc Tribal Councilor from the United States. Many expected the ... read more ››

Referendum shows deep opposition to Rupert diversion

Nemaska, Chisasibi and Waskaganish have spoken with one voice in referenda held November 29 in the communities that will be most affected by the EM IA Rupert River Diversion. That Residents were asked, “Do you approve of the Rupert River Diversion project?” The combined vote result from the three communities ... read more ››

Batteries not included – The Nation guide to being a hero on Christmas morning

Being Santa is an increasingly difficult job, particularly when just about every advertiser claims that their product is the thing to have. The December holiday shopping rush is stressful for everyone but when you are shopping for children a great deal of questions can come into play. Will the kids ... read more ››

Dealing with Holiday Blues

Just about anyone who does the Christmas thing knows the kind of stress the holiday can bring on. Whether it’s from shopping as if it were an Olympic event, the inability to do as much from a lack of financial resources as you’d like or the steady stream of social ... read more ››

Close encounters of Cree kind

Recently, I went walking with a friend in the Northern Ontario town of Iroquois Falls. There isn’t much going on at night in town. Most of the buzz is happening around the arenawhere games of hockey always seem to be going on. There is little traffic and very fewpeople on ... read more ››