The world as we know it changes constantly. There’s nothing static about it, nothing remains the same. Paradoxically, even though we complain all these changes happen too slowly, we resist all change.

Take, for instance, the rate of change with relation to time. We were relatively unchanged for thousands of years and within the last few centuries, changed along with the entire world.

And yet we still resist change, fearing the unknown, denying the known world as we see it and continue to hide our heads in the sands of time.

The clock is ticking and whether we choose to or not, we are changing with the rest of the world at a breathtaking pace consistent with a rollercoaster ride, always twisting and turning, up or down and upside down, until we throw up or enjoy it enough to go for another ride.

In the communities, the change seems too much to handle. But after listening to enthusiastic people who have overcome the problems of alcohol and drugs, the people who have taken control of their lives fighting diabetes, the people who banded together and bought dialysis machines to serve those who need them, the people who have taken the negative aspects of change and changed their world for the better, I realize that change is good when taken head on and managed properly.

Some negative changes are the result of poor change management or the inability to change with the world around us. It’s the inability to let go of some of the past and to move oninto the future equipped with tools at hand, an education system, a political system, a health system and a budding economic system.

What’s so scary about the future? Insecurity and reluctance to face the world at face value and an unwillingness to admit that you’re old fashioned and out of date.

Enough with the lectures.

I’ve noticed that some people just cannot let go of their “poor” past. I for one, feel lucky that we have running water and electricity and all the other modern-day amenities. The past may look rosier and perhaps the traditions can be passed on, but I really feel that the future can be healthier if we take control of the changes that are happening.

I recommend that when change occurs, to go with the flow. Better still; learn how to swim in the sea of life. I recommend that when change occurs to take a good look around you because you may not see that part of time again.

I recommend that when change comes, be prepared, so that change won’t hurt so much when it comes around the next curve and you bump into things that you wish you hadn’t.

I recommend that to make change a better change, become part of that change and make your own future the way you want to, because this is a hell of a lot better than accepting a change for the worse just because you’re a reluctant passenger on the roller coaster of life.