Category: 2006-02-17

Bittersweet Bay

It was kind of sad to hear this past week that the Hudson’s Bay Company had been sold to an American financier named Jerry Zucker. I had mixed feelings, as I am sure is the case for many Aboriginals. In the Cree communities, I remember some Cree Elders being incredibly loyal ... read more ››

Heart knockers

The whims of love send whitewater rapids along the rivers that flow through the veins of my heart, pounding a primal drum beat that threatens to excite all my calm common sense into a violent sea of insanity. Yes, I’m talking Cupid’s quivers and heart-to-heart nonsense. Valentine’s is still days away ... read more ››

La Tuque residential school razed – Demolition is closure for hundreds of abducted Cree children held at the school

Paul Dixon bought a sledgehammer with the little money he had left once he arrived in La Tuque on February 1. His sole purpose: to demolish the building that swallowed the lives of many of his Cree brothers and sisters and in some way use the tool to help him ... read more ››

Four years after liver transplant, Waskaganish boy now faces cancer

Eight-year-old Norm Blacksmith has been through what amounts to a lifetime of ailments. He underwent a liver transplant in September 2002 to overcome being born with liver sclerosis. Then, in January of this year, doctors discovered a tumor riddled with lymphoma near his rectum. They removed most of it, but ... read more ››

Waswanipi boy mauled by dogs

A four-year-old boy from Waswanipi is in serious condition at the Montreal Children’s Hospital after a vicious attack by a group of stray dogs. Jordan Icebound was attacked on the afternoon of February 4 in the community. “We’re trying to clean up some of the stray dogs in the community right now,” ... read more ››

O-J band councillor charged with sexual abuse of a minor

Lance Cooper, an Oujé-Bougoumou band council member, has been charged with breaking into a residence and sexually assaulting a minor. The 24-year-old Cooper is currently staying in Waswanipi pending a court appearance in Oujé-Bougoumou on February 13. According to Thierry Potvin, the Crown Prosecutor on the case, the incident allegedly happened on ... read more ››

National Aboriginal Achievement Awards

Winners’ descriptions were written by the Foundation but edited by the Nation for length. Mankind has always strived to achieve. Legends and historical stories are full of heroes and heroines who make their mark upon the world through strength, courage and intelligence. In today’s world we continue this oldest of traditions ... read more ››

Shelter from the storm

It is the winter of 1992 and we are getting ready to make a trip in our half-ton truck to Moosonee on the winter road. Few people are using the road at this time. There is not much development happening in the north at this point and the winter road ... read more ››