Rez Notes

I’ve been browsing through the past few issues of The Nation to catch up on events I missed whilst away from La Belle province on business. It’s fun and kind of weird to read through the magazine when you haven’t been involved in putting it together from start to finish. You ... read more ››

Rez Notes

A scene from residential school, Moose Factory (absolutely not related to the following story). The year was 1979, the final winter on the island of Fort George. The new community, Chisasibi, was quietly being built several miles inland. The move that following summer was the furthest from our young unthinking minds. The ... read more ››

cree@large (July 7, 1998)

“They wanted to see what it is we do, so we just did it,” says Sam Blacksmith of his starring role in the Boyce Richardson film, Cree Hunters Of Mistassini. What 82-year-old Sam did, and still does by profession is, of course, hunt. The film, which went on to win three ... read more ››

Rez Notes

There comes a time when even the most modest of publications such as The Nation, one of the most feared and loathed magazines in Cree territory, Quebec City and Ottawa, must toot its own horn. What made this Nation horn tootin’ possible was this past weekend’s Quebec Community Newspaper Association awards ... read more ››

Rez Notes

After five hundred years they have finally seen it fit to give us aboriginals our very own day. Lucky for us we get to share it with the millions of fathers out there. That is just so typical. They give us a day and we end up having to share ... read more ››

cree@large (June 19, 1998)

“I was hoping you didn’t get it.” laughs David Sam when I thank him for faxing me his answers. I had asked to do his profile weeks before the Chisasibi Kung Fu exhibition. He refused. There was nothing I could do but skulk away. After all, he holds a brown ... read more ››

rez notes: the results

Frankly, we here at The Nation were overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at the enormous responsewe received to the rez notes questionnaire a few weeks back. We were humbled. Shocked.Frightened. As no doubt, you, the readers, will be when you read the following results.Brace yourselves. The readers have spoken. This is what they ... read more ››

Rez Notes

You have your Ice Age, you have your Stone Age, you have your Bronze Age, your Iron Age, your dark ages, your age of enlightenment, your Computer Age, your Age of Aquarius and, finally, you have your Information Age. Known as the Lack of Information Age in Creeland. Think of it. ... read more ››

cree@large (May 5, 1998)

At age 10, Katejun Coonishish is only two years older than his home community ofOuje-Bougoumou. Already he’s a three-year veteran and “flying like a bird” in the roughand tumble world of motocross racing. Racing is in Katejun’s blood. Both of his parents, Sydney and Sarah, raced snowmobiles.His career began not long ... read more ››

I was looking for the Truth…

I was looking for the Truth and I had exhausted the traditional avenues for said search.The various churches, newspapers, magazines, books, creeds, TV, friends and what haveyou. So I got on the Internet. I typed in, “The Truth.” It was instantaneous.I had a million or so matches for the truth. ... read more ››

cree@large (April 24, 1998)

It’s no wonder Mistissini’s Stephanie Mianscum is the reigning champion of the Nemaska FitnessChallenge. She’s impossible to catch up to when she’s on the move. We did manage to catch up with her,briefly, for a quick photo shoot. After which she was off and running again. This time for a ... read more ››

Rez Notes

There are few things I fear more than radio. More specifically my having to talk on the radio. Several days ago one of the local stations called to ask for an interview. The night before the taping I was so nervous I stayed up half the night eating cold General Tao ... read more ››

Rez Notes

After putting in a few hours on CBC North’s Winshgaoug and Eyou Dibajimoun several weeks ago Christopher Stephen’s voice, amidst some very cloak and dagger maneuvers, was suddenly and without explanation to his audience, silenced. It all started, guite innocently, with an interview Christopher had done for Cree@large (Issue 5.9, page ... read more ››

Rez Notes

Travel and vacations shouldn’t be just about fine white sand beaches with crashing blue waves, swim up bars with cold pina coladas and nudist Quebecers. Vacations should also be about the country and its people. Good or bad. Long before I, and even Pope Juan Pablo II, set foot on and ... read more ››

cree@large (March 27, 1998)

He’s armed with a booming voice inherited from his dad, but his attitude’s filled with a healthy disrespect for authority. Freelance radio journalist Christopher Stephen can sometimes be heard weekdays at the ungodly hour of 7:10 in the morning on CBC’s Winshgaoug and Eyou Dibajimoon at noon. He kickstarts the ... read more ››

Rez Notes

As you read this I am, God bless me, under investigation and, of course, in hiding on an almost deserted island somewhere in the northwestern hemisphere. I don’t mind telling you, it’s hot and I committed no crime. And no… I am not in trouble with the usual authorities. Ever get ... read more ››

You Say You Want A Resolution?(with apologies to Lennon and McCartney)

There’s always a touch of the absurd, a smattering of the ridiculous and a dash of insanity when dealing with bureaucracy. Last fall, October 28, I called my band council office in Waskaganish to ask for, as is my right, a copy of a resolution. Resolution number 53,1 had heard from ... read more ››

cree@large (February 3, 1998)

Everybody in my family was an artist” replies Anishnabe painter Glenna Matoush when asked what she dreamed of being as a girl. Like many native people, Glenna was surrounded by art growing up in a small reserve two hours north of Toronto. The ninth of thirteen children, Glenna would watch and ... read more ››

We must be one of the luckiest nations in the entire universe.

We must be one of the luckiest nations in the entire universe. At least in terms of health care andwhatever else we enjoy for free. But that doesn’t mean these services should… for lack of a betterword… suck the way they do. I’m sure you’ve heard and probably have a ... read more ››

cree@large (January 1, 1998)

Friend and foe know him as “Sonny.” Others, or professional acquaintances, not aware ofhis usually sunny disposition, may remember him as Sidney Orr, Sidney Snowboy or even Sidney OrrSnowboy. Sonny’s life reflects his many names. He’s been, at one time or another and in no particularorder: an athlete, a baker, a ... read more ››

It’s probably just a rumour…

It’s probably just a rumour that the devil himself was witnessed a while back walking into the hottest, so to speak, night spot in Chibougamau ordering a drink and proceeding to walk through a wall with his demonic tail disappearing. Good for him. I’ve been there. I was heading there ... read more ››

If you can read this, friends, then it’s probably safe to say that you survived Christmas…

If you can read this, friends, then it’s probably safe to say that you survived Christmasand, especially, the New Years festivities in the communities okay and you can still followthis very very long sentence but your heads are throbbing and you wish it would just stop causeyou’re not ready for ... read more ››

Les Notes Des Rez

In honour of Bill 101 and this being our 101 st issue, we hereby re christen this column… drum roll please, Les Notes Des Rez. Mercy. If you’re like most of our readers who turn to the back pages first, you may have readthe letter (See page 6) from “Crees who dare ... read more ››

cree@large (December 19, 1997)

Our second victim modestly left the “Claim To Fame” and “Title of your Autobiography” parts of the cree@large interrogation sheet blank for us to fill in. Bertie Wapachee came up through the ranks of the Cree youth movement’s hierarchy, starting with secunty at the first World Indigenous Youth Conference in 1992. ... read more ››

Read my lips. One hundred.

Read my lips. One hundred. One huuundred big ones. It wouldn’t have been possible without youawful people. Thank you. It’s all your fault we live in mansions, eat at the finest restaurants,stumble around in clubs spending the money you gave us. That is the greatest gift to give inbusiness. We ... read more ››

The first edition of Rez Notes appeared…

The first edition of Rez Notes appeared on October 6, 1995 (Vol. 2, No. 21). Greetings dear mortals. Allow me to welcome you to this page. One that, with your assistance, cooperation and blind obedience, will flourish and live on in our pages, hearts and minds for as long as humanly ... read more ››