Volume 22, Issue 5

Eco Tourism in Chisasibi

The Nation visited several eco-tourism ventures in Central and South America this past summer in hopes of encouraging eco tourism in Eeyou Istchee. To our pleasant surprise, one such venture was already up and running in Chisasibi. Run by Margaret and William Cromarty, Fort George Island Tours has been thriving ... read more ››

How to decide the future of the AIP and the Cree

With the consultation process on the Agreement-in-principle in full swing, questions persist. Reaction has been swift, but it has been difficult to gauge just how the deal has been received in the communities. The Nation has begun canvassing Cree leaders on the progress of the Agreement-in-principle consultations. What will determine ... read more ››

Police News – Mistissini Police – Period of October 13-19, 2003

Mistissini Police will now be giving regular updates of incidents within the Cree Nation of Mistissini. During this past week there were 22 files opened with Mistissini Police including six cases of mischief, two motor vehicle thefts, four cases of break and enter and two cases of sexual interference. Theft of ... read more ››

Reclaimed Images – Glenna Matoush Exhibit Uses Art to Fight Cultural Appropriation

In the heart of downtown Montreal, just where you would least expect it, you will find a colourful reminder that you can take an artist out of Eeyou Istchee, but you can’t take Eeyou Istchee out of the artist. If you are in town this month, now is your chance to ... read more ››

Reportation Not Deportation

It’s tough being a reporter at times. Take November 14th when I was kicked out of a Grand Council/CRA council/board meeting. I was told it was a public meeting by one of the secretaries but in sitting in I found I was being ousted because I was media. I told ... read more ››

Self Sufficiency is a Way of Life in Remote First Nation Communities

It is a way of life in the north to be resourceful and self-sufficient. People learn from a young age to fix, maintain or even build whatever they need to get a job done. Hunters and food gatherers out on the land have to be able to find solutions to ... read more ››

The Coming of Age…

Many of us go through various stages of life, some happy, some sad, some serious, some funny. Of all the various stages of my life, none struck me as much as when I left home to go to school down south. Every fall, as I can recall, we would all ... read more ››

When The Lights Go Out, We Will Survive

We live in a world where we depend on services such as electricity and natural gas. Everything we do seems to involve turning something on. We keep our food stored cold in coolers, preserve food for future use in freezers then cook our meals with the help of microwaves and ... read more ››