Volume 21, Issue 14

2012 Golf Tourney Season

Now that spring is here, hockey season is over and geese are in the air, it is time to polish up the clubs and ptrepare for another great season of golf. The following list provides information on a number of Cree-related golf tournaments taking place across Quebec in the coming ... read more ››

Burning van in Mistissini

At present there are no leads in the fire that took place on Tuesday, April 24, at Sam Gunner’s residence in the First Nation of Mistissini, but police suspect it might have been youth up to no good. Emergency services received a call at 7:45pm and were notified about the burning ... read more ››

CNYC Elections: the Candidates

After a month-long nomination process, five candidates have put their names forth to run for the Youth Grand Chief in the upcoming Cree Nation Youth Council elections. The CNYC is the body that advises the Grand Council on matters pertaining to the youth of the Cree nation. All Cree aged 13-35 ... read more ››

Escaping the colonialist system

“The game is stacked against them,” said Gordon Christie, when referring to First Nations Peoples wanting the right to make decisions over their traditional territories. Christie, a professor of law from the University of British Columbia, was one of five academics presenting their papers on April 20 at the “How to ... read more ››

Expanding autonomy

Academics gathered at the “How to Break Out of Colonialism?” conference April 19 to discuss the role of federalism in Aboriginal struggles for self-determination and governance, where they spoke of Socrates, cooperating legal systems and, after official presentations concluded, the successes of the James Bay Cree. The Indigenous Peoples and Governance ... read more ››

Hard drive

  The other day, I had a computer shut down on me, leaving me up in the air with a gazillion things to get done. Actually signing on to my email accounts instead of letting my organizer –one piece of software I cannot do without – do all the signing on ... read more ››

Living in two realities

I am proud to be a First Nation person. I am about as pure bred as an Aboriginal person can be in Canada as both my mother and father were born on the land in their traditional territories. Visibly, I look like a Native Canadian. I even have long hair ... read more ››

Musique Nomade launches a new website

A new online initiative called Musique Nomade opened up to the public on April 24. The website showcases the work of local Aboriginal artists. The featured artists come mainly from Quebec and Labrador and represent many of the different First Nations communities with songs in Atikamekw, Anishinabe (Algonquin) and Innu, among ... read more ››

Polar exchange

For the fourth time in history, scientists from around the world gathered together to discuss the research achievements of the International Polar Year (IPY) – this time with a conference in Montreal April 23-27. The most recent International Polar Year, running from March 2007 to March 2009 (to accommodate the 18 ... read more ››

Quebec Native Women employees unionizing

Since 1974, Quebec Native Women (QNW) has been fighting to promote Native women’s rights in the workplace and at home. Now they will also include the women working in their offices. The non-profit organization received accreditation for their union with the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ). The decision that prompted the ... read more ››

Sh*t my sister says

  I’ve threatened my big sister that I am going to rename this column with the title above. (My editor – hi W*ll! – warned me I would have to use an asterisk for the “i” if I were to make good on my threat, however. Family publication, he muttered, etcetera, ... read more ››

What jobs are out there

A multitude of career opportunities were on display as Cree School Board (CSB) organizers in Waswanipi and Chisasibi invited the public to an open house and career fair. In Waswanipi, the Sabtuan Regional Vocational Training Centre (SRVTC) held an open house on March 13 which had nearly 300 people walk through ... read more ››

Where to stay in Quebec City

Quebec City is a beautiful place to stay and there are many things for families to do. Recently I stayed at the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations in Wendake. Upon entering the hotel, we could tell this was a magical and special place. We were welcomed by kind and helpful front desk ... read more ››