A new online initiative called Musique Nomade opened up to the public on April 24. The website showcases the work of local Aboriginal artists.

The featured artists come mainly from Quebec and Labrador and represent many of the different First Nations communities with songs in Atikamekw, Anishinabe (Algonquin) and Innu, among other languages.

Musique Nomade was created by La Maison des Cultures Nomades with funding provided for the sleek website by the Canada Interactive Fund of Canadian Heritage.

Musique Nomade’s goal is to develop and promote First Nations artists giving them professional advice and providing services to help them produce their music with videos and a professional recording studio.

The website will provide the artists of all musical genres a link to the public where they can make a name for themselves.

Besides showcasing the work of First Nations artists, Musique Nomade has been travelling since July 2011 with a studio-on-wheels. So far they have visited seven First Nations communities in Quebec.

The depth of talent in the roster of mentors will benefit any up-and-coming musician looking to take his/her musical career further. The mentors include Richard Séguin, Samian, DJ Horg and Sakay Ottawa.