Volume 20, Issue 25

Dolly Parton contributes to Manitoba youth literacy

Country music superstar Dolly Parton is opening the door to lifelong learning for Manitoba’s First Nations children one book at a time as part of her literacy foundation, Dolly’s Imagination Library. As an advocate for children’s literacy, Parton has teamed up with Karen Davis, an early childhood education worker from Manitoba’s ... read more ››

Eeyou Istchee’s most powerful business entities merged into the Cree Development Corporation

Over the coming months there will be massive change to Eeyou Istchee’s economic structure. Twelve years after the signing of the Paix des Braves, the Grand Council of the Crees has announced that the implementation of a major component of the agreement will go ahead in 2014: the establishment of ... read more ››

Facebook and you

The Cree world is increasingly one that exists online, especially in social media. It’s a great way to connect families and communities but its drawbacks are growing. The impersonal nature of sites like Facebook is leading to incidents of character assassination and cyberbullying. Many people using this form of communication fail ... read more ››

Fontaine letter ignites discussion on genocide

The following is a letter sent by the undersigned to James Anaya, UN special rapporteur on indigenous rights: Professor Anaya: Genocides rarely emerge fully formed from the womb of evil. They typically evolve in a stepwise fashion over time, as one crime leads to another and another. The Holocaust is the undisputed genocide ... read more ››

Idle No More protesters brave weather and police repression

First came the storm, then the police. Montreal’s Idle No More action October 7, on the eve of the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Proclamation, succeeded despite the adversity. organizers Melissa Mollen-Dupuis and Widia Larivère recognized that the day’s activities had been slowed by adversity. An enormous storm pounded Montreal for the ... read more ››

RCMP social media campaign targets the missing and murdered

The RCMP is collaborating with Native groups on a social media awareness campaign to invite public help in resolving cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. The Assembly of First Nations and the Native Women’s Association of Canada are cooperating in the campaign. “It’s to raise awareness and to make sure ... read more ››

Rex Murphy clueless on Aboriginal issues

This is a response to an op-ed that Rex Murphy published in the National Post on October 19, 2013. Not surprisingly, like so many other white commentators on Aboriginal issues, noted climate change denier Rex Murphy conjures up an entirely fictional vision of Canadian-Aboriginal relations in which racism no longer exists, not ... read more ››

Sacred laughs: Native comic Don Burnstick heals with humour

To Don Burnstick, laughter is a sacred act and he’s been helping people with this medicine for the past 20 years. For a comedian, Burnstick has followed an unconventional path to stardom. He didn’t work the bar or club circuit like so many comedians do. When he started out, his ... read more ››

Southern Hospitality: The Nation’s Fall/Winter Tourism Guide

As fall’s colder weather settles in and the mornings glitter with frost, the Cree begin another season of nesting and indoor warmth. For some, the urge to get away from it all grows too strong to ignore. For people like you, the Nation has a list of ideas to brighten ... read more ››

Supporters mark the 8th annual march for vigil for missing and murdered Aboriginal women

There’s nothing happy about this anniversary: on Friday, October 4, supporters came together in hundreds of rallies across Canada (and around the world) for the 8th Annual Sisters in Spirit March and Vigil for Missing and Murdered Native Women. The number of October 4 events honouring missing and murdered women ... read more ››

The bears are hungry

Recently, I came across a mother bear and her two cubs as they were crossing a highway in northern Quebec. It seemed like a good idea to get a better look at these beautiful creatures so I turned around and parked on the side of the road near where they ... read more ››