Volume 20, Issue 16

“Level all their tents”

Strateco President Guy Hebert says that the Crees have no say over resource exploitation in Eeyou Istchee because “the Crees sold their rights.” Hebert made the comment during Strateco’s 2013 shareholder assembly. During the meeting, one investor went even further, questioning whether Crees qualified as Quebecers. “We should level all ... read more ››

An innovative North

Business conference in Amos is full of creative ideas In today’s fast-paced business environment, remaining stagnant is a surefire way to be left behind. Thanks to the increasing use of the Internet and its available multi-platform tools, creativity and innovation have become the most highly sought skills in the business marketplace. On ... read more ››

Crime Stoppers gets Cree green light

Eeyou Eenou Police Director Reggie Bobbish is bringing the Crime Stoppers prevention service to Eeyou Istchee. “The program will work with the general public and police collaborating to fight crime in our communities,” said Senior Officer Jim Hester. “By refusing to close your eyes to crime, you contribute to eliminating acts ... read more ››

Exams for all…

If you are a student or parent of one, it’s that time of year again. June signifies the annual exam ordeal. I’m not sure who is more excited about the exams, my daughter or me. I recall the old days when I was in a similar situation. A hundred kids ... read more ››

From conflict to partnership

Grand Chief celebrates new governance agreement for James Bay Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come did not hold back in his description of Bill 42. Speaking in Quebec City on May 29, he described the bill as “legislation of fundamental importance” that will “bring the Cree and the Jamésiens together in a ... read more ››

Grand Council Elections

Further down the campaign trail…. It’s official! The nominations for the positions of Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief have been posted and the election race is on. Contesting this year’s race for Grand Chief are incumbent Matthew Coon Come, current Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff and former CREECO/ Board of Compensation ... read more ››

Minting Aboriginal art

New $5 silver coin will feature the image of an Inuit mother and child Ulaayu Pilurtuut’s artwork has long been celebrated across Nunavik, but today the Kuujuaq-based artist has her own reason to celebrate – the immortalization of her art on the face of a newly minted collector’s $5 silver coin. The ... read more ››

On a wing and a prayer

On May 31, a terrible helicopter accident near the airport in Moosonee took the lives of four dedicated healthcare heroes for the Ontario James Bay First Nations. All First Nations are very grateful for the hard work and dedication of flight and paramedic crews that service remote Native communities all ... read more ››

Rekindle, refresh, renew

Wemindji wellness worker Mickey De Carlo discusses her journey of restoration Many First Nations men signed up for World War II because they knew what it was like to have their land taken away. When my dad was a young boy, his father went to war. Fellow soldiers admired him because ... read more ››

Senate audit is called

Marjory LeBreton, the Conservative government’s Senate leader, called for an audit of Senate expenses June 3, two weeks after the Mike Duffy expense scandal broke. After asking for unanimous consent, LeBreton encountered resistance from Liberal and Independent senators. The audit will examine claimed expenses by members of the Senate. The expenses ... read more ››

The Mayan example

The historic battle for justice is winning against all odds The absence of despair. The refusal to lose hope. The determination to keep fighting in the face of implacable odds. These are the characteristics that struck me most about the many Guatemalan refugees I met in the spring of 1990 during a ... read more ››

The Nation has a healthy harvest at awards gala

Once a year the Nation and its team of writers, editors, columnists, photographers, production staff, graphic and web designers, sales people and accountants are judged on the quality of their work. It is truly a team effort that makes the Nation possible. As in years past, this year has shown ... read more ››