Category: 2013 06 16

Minting Aboriginal art

New $5 silver coin will feature the image of an Inuit mother and child Ulaayu Pilurtuut’s artwork has long been celebrated across Nunavik, but today the Kuujuaq-based artist has her own reason to celebrate – the immortalization of her art on the face of a newly minted collector’s $5 silver coin. The ... read more ››

Grand Council Elections

Further down the campaign trail…. It’s official! The nominations for the positions of Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief have been posted and the election race is on. Contesting this year’s race for Grand Chief are incumbent Matthew Coon Come, current Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff and former CREECO/ Board of Compensation ... read more ››

From conflict to partnership

Grand Chief celebrates new governance agreement for James Bay Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come did not hold back in his description of Bill 42. Speaking in Quebec City on May 29, he described the bill as “legislation of fundamental importance” that will “bring the Cree and the Jamésiens together in a ... read more ››

An innovative North

Business conference in Amos is full of creative ideas In today’s fast-paced business environment, remaining stagnant is a surefire way to be left behind. Thanks to the increasing use of the Internet and its available multi-platform tools, creativity and innovation have become the most highly sought skills in the business marketplace. On ... read more ››