Volume 18, Issue 14

Chisasibi man dies in canoeing accident

According to a report, George F.A. Pachano died in a freak canoe accident on Tuesday, May 10 at 8:30 am. Pachano was travelling by canoe on waters near Chisasibi when the front of the fiberglass canoe apparently split open. He was in the canoe with two other men at the time ... read more ››

Foster homes sought

Over 600 children live with over 300 foster families. At any given time there are additional children needing homes. We need foster parents for children of all ages, for short-term, long-term or weekend care. Foster parent applications from people of all backgrounds and communities are welcome. We offer services to boys ... read more ››

Looking back

This federal election was certainly bittersweet for many. In Quebec many wished for another minority and even a coalition government in Ottawa. Harper though pulled through and got the majority government he desired and asked Canadians for. The next four years should be interesting ones as Canadians will have the ... read more ››

Never forget

When Terrie Ann Dauphinais was murdered in Calgary on April 29, 2002, she didn’t just leave three children and grieving parents behind. She left many questions unanswered, like why has her death remained unsolved after nine years, and what is the government going to do about violence against Aboriginal women? Around ... read more ››

Plan du Nord finally released to the public

After years in the making and much talk from Premier Jean Charest and Natural Resources Minister Nathalie Normandeau, Quebec finally unveiled the long-awaited Plan du Nord, the province’s long-term plan for development in northern Quebec. The Plan was presented to public in Lévis on May 9 and within hours garnered the ... read more ››

Planning for the future…

Right before the federal elections, Quebec’s Liberal provincial government decided on doing more business in the north and cash in on the resources. This quickly led to a grand effort to design the north into an economic and protected area – sounds like an oxymoron? This also created the largest ... read more ››

Put fish back on the table

I have been eating a lot of fish lately. It is always good to eat the various types of fish the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes have to offer. However, over the years as I have travelled throughout the Far East, the Americas and Europe, I realize how fortunate we ... read more ››

RCMP database on missing women delayed

The RCMP national database that was set to replace the database that the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Sisters in Spirit (SIS) initiative had created to track data on missing and murdered Aboriginal women has now been delayed until 2013. When the Conservative government promised new funding to address the issue ... read more ››

Remembering Kokum

Recently, Our Pink Thoughts website honoured Lydia Corston, a Moose Factory Cree who passed on earlier this year at the age of 89. Her granddaughter Marla Newhook recounted the role her grandmother (born Lydia Kapashesit in Rupert’s House) played in her family. “She was a very strong woman who had ... read more ››

Spectacular, Sumptuous, Sensational Summertime

As the chill finally leaves the air and the days grow longer and brighter, one can’t help but ponder what will be the best way to take advantage of the upcoming summer months and where the best times are to be had. For those fortunate enough to get some downtime this ... read more ››

Talking about winning

Cree history was made on May 2 as Romeo Saganash won the first Parliamentary seat ever to go to a James Bay Cree when he was elected to be the new New Democratic Party of Canada MP for the Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou. Saganash, who beat out Bloc Québécois incumbent Yvon Lévesque, said that ... read more ››

The gold pan du Nord

For Quebec Premier Jean Charest, it’s the political equivalent of a Hail Mary. It’s late in the fourth quarter in his lifelong game of political football, and his team is trailing. After 26 years of elected politics and eight years in power, one long pass for a legendary touchdown might ... read more ››

Waswanipi man hit by train in Sudbury

Tragically, Leonard Neposh Matthews, 40, originally from Waswanipi, died May 5 after being struck by a train just after 1:00 am. Matthews had been living in Sudbury at the time of his death to pursue an Honours BA in Law and Justice at Laurentian University. He was taken to Sudbury Regional Hospital ... read more ››