Over 600 children live with over 300 foster families. At any given time there are additional children needing homes. We need foster parents for children of all ages, for short-term, long-term or weekend care. Foster parent applications from people of all backgrounds and communities are welcome.

We offer services to boys and girls, from birth up to 18 years of age and sometimes beyond. Our services are focused on children who are at risk because their parents are temporarily or permanently unable to care for them.

Eve, 13, of Aboriginal background, is in need of a long-term foster home until the age of 18. Eve is healthy, is well liked and interacts well with her peers in school. She is very intelligent; her global cognitive ability falls within the upper limits of the high average range.

At this young age, her environmental experiences of neglect, losses and disappointments, amongst others have impacted upon her ability to actualize her full potential. She has difficulty attending school on a regular and consistent basis and also struggles with issues of structure that include clear rules, limit setting limits and boundaries. She can be emotionally distant and has trouble accepting responsibility for her behaviour.

Caring for Eve comes with challenges, however; she has demonstrated that she has the ability to respond well to adults who are consistent around rules, holding her accountable for her behaviour and encouraging her to follow through on responsibilities, with clear messages to ensure that there is no miscommunication.

Eve will need a family who will support her in embracing her cultural heritage. The ideal family would be that of an Aboriginal family who would be open to visits from her siblings.

A long-term foster family is being sought for 19 months old George, of Inuit heritage. He is a delightful, happy and curious little boy whose curiosity at times, leads him to places where he should not have gone. He also discovered that running allows him to go faster and get to forbidden places quicker, so George gets into and around things quickly if he is not closely watched. He loves to play with his toys and is able to play with other children. He has a good daily routine; he eats well and sleeps through the night. George needs a family who can make a commitment to him for as long as he needs. The ideal family would be an Inuit or an Aboriginal family.

A foster home is being sought for Michael, an active healthy 13 months old baby boy of Inuit heritage. He is a very happy baby who loves to eat, play and have fun. He is walking, takes a nap during the day and sleeps through the night. His parents are not able to care for him, thus Michael is in need of a long-term foster family who will be able to make the commitment to adopt him if he becomes adoptable. A family of Inuit heritage would be ideal.

A separate long-term family is needed for Eve, George and Michael, preferably an Aboriginal or an Inuit family. Please contact Garnett Forbes, Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161 local 1139.