Volume 16, Issue 16

A Life-Changing Chisasibi

What is three months? Technically speaking it is 12 weeks or roughly 90 days or even 2160 hours but when I look back on my three months here in Chisasibi. I realize it has been much more than that. It has been an experience that has changed my life and ... read more ››

An Inspiring Force

Last year, former Grand Chief Billy Diamond was named a Dobson Fellow by the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies at McGill University in Montreal. However, due to a massive stroke he suffered in April 2008, Diamond was unable to attend the awards ceremony and was presented the honour at a later ... read more ››

Bidding Wars

While there is finally a plan in place to clean up last year’s mine tailings spill at Opimiska, there is still huffing and puffing going on about how the contract was handed out to do the work. It all started one year ago when excessive rainwater caused a dyke around the ... read more ››

Border? What Border?

To bear or not to bear arms is the issue plaguing the future of a border crossing between Canada and the U.S. The issue is even more complicated since the Cornwall Island, Ontario crossing is located on the Mohawk territory of Akwesasne. On June 1, the federal government closed the crossing ... read more ››

Funding for Nothing

Last spring NDP Member of Parliament for Timmins-James Bay, Charlie Angus, alleged that Indian and Northern Affairs were mismanaging their funding, reallocating monies from the fund to build schools for whatever they saw fit. Though they vehemently denied the mismanagement and defended their reallocations saying that they were necessary to bail ... read more ››

Getting votes that count

Another election to decide who gets to be top dog or head honcho is looming. This can’t be my fourth time writing about this or is it my third? Whatever the number, it still seems that it was just yesterday when Mukash of the North squeaked in over Ted the ... read more ››

Greenland Election

A major shift occurred in Greenland politics on June 3, when the election results for the country’s parliament were announced. Greenlanders saw the long-governing social democratic Siumut Party removed from power and the leftist Inuit Ataqatigiit (Greenlandic for Inuit Community) take over in this semi-autonomous territory, administered by Denmark. Under the leadership ... read more ››

Like a Rock

I have always had a fascination for rocks or stones. I was born and raised in Attawapiskat near the banks of the great James Bay. This area is predominantly muskeg. As a matter of fact, my people are known as the Mushkego Cree. Mushkeg is like a peat bog and it ... read more ››

National Aboriginal Day: It’s the longest day of the year though some may wish it were shorter.

It’s the longest day of the year though some may wish it were shorter. That’s because it’s National Aboriginal Day and segments of the population just wish Canada’s Aboriginal population would just disappear and be assimilated already. It is a relatively new addition to the Canadian calendar as it was just ... read more ››

Running Again!

No stranger to politics, Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff has spent a life devoted to leadership in the Cree Nation. At 35, he has already spent the last four years in his current position, was Youth Grand Chief and Chairman of the Cree Nation Youth Council for four years, and ... read more ››

Seal Heart-Gate

Governor General Michaëlle Jean’s participation in traditional Inuit activities, such as the consumption of a seal heart and then a subsequent excursion seal hunt, have given her “rock star” status among the Inuit. At the same time, many around the globe have reacted with outrage and disgust and no one ... read more ››

Stating the obvious

The death of any individual is hard to deal with. It is even harder when that loss is tragic. But when an incident involves two young men whose lives were tragically cut short, questions need to be asked. On January 8, 2006, Ricardo Wesley, 22, and James Goodwin, 20, died of ... read more ››

Thanks to the Nation

I do owe a debt of gratitude to the Nation for giving me my start in journalism and specifically to the author of this piece (Vol 16, Issue 15, Cleaning Up at the QCNA Awards), Lyle Stewart, who helped me the most to guide me along the way. I enjoyed working ... read more ››

This is Africa

Traveling to Africa is an adventure of the human spirit and an awakening of what we can do as people to make a difference in the lives and well-being of others. As most people remark, when in Africa, it is the natural light that envelops you and ultimately that makes ... read more ››

Winners and losers

If you thought the debate over creationism versus natural selection was simply about the origin of the species, you’d be wrong. According to the plans being talked up by Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl, the federal government is once again playing God in order to pick the winners ... read more ››