Volume 13, Issue 23

BUYER BEWARE! Myths and Truths about herbal and other alternative remedies – Health advice from the Cree Health Board

Health concerns us all in the Cree Nation, especially when you consider the diabetes epidemic in some communities. Other health issues affect people but it is difficult at times to understand the many diseases, causes, solutions or choices. This column is designed to assist but it will require your input ... read more ››

Cree trappers look to a diminished future

The Cree Trapper’s and Hydro-Québec Conference, held in Val d’Or Sept. 14-16, was set up to get the trappers talking. The question is, was anyone listening? “It’s a way the trappers can network together and see what they got out of their individual meetings with hydro,” said Glen Cooper, the Cree ... read more ››

Cree TV? – Group Studies Feasibility of Cree television stations

As the Cree Nation has grown over the past 40 years, so has the Cree communications infrastructure – radio stations, magazines and newspapers. Now Eeyou Istchee could also see the addition of one or more Cree television stations. “We’re going to look at it closely, it could be a year or ... read more ››

Mistissini Basketball Camp a slam dunk – Toronto Raptors put on a clinic for the sport and to promote literacy

Literacy is a key component in the development of a child. Without it, kids feel left out, unable to communicate in an age in which newspapers and online blogs rule. Mistissini’s 2006 Basketball Camp was set up to attack the large problem of illiteracy at the grassroots level in Eeyou ... read more ››

The evolution of my cookies

Cookies have always been a big deal to me. In southern non-Native communities, a treat like cookies is taken for granted as being a simple pleasure that anyone could enjoy at any time. To us in the north, cookies were considered a very special treat that were hard to come by. ... read more ››

The ups and downs of Cree TV

The latest buzz around is the CREETV concept. Yep, Crees on the boob tube. It used to be just about everyone’s dream to be on TV, with Canadian Idol and all that, but just imagine what could be done with CREETV. Bingos, if aired on TV, would be a big boost ... read more ››

When the music’s over…

It’s now been a year since Matthew Mukash was elected Grand Chief of the Crees in a decisive vote, sweeping Ted Moses from office after a narrow defeat three years previously to the good doctor. At the Nation, we were optimistic. After a number of years in which we felt the ... read more ››