The latest buzz around is the CREETV concept. Yep, Crees on the boob tube. It used to be just about everyone’s dream to be on TV, with Canadian Idol and all that, but just imagine what could be done with CREETV.

Bingos, if aired on TV, would be a big boost to those who are hard of hearing, or just can’t keep up with the barrage of numbers ( I consider myself to be some sort of mathematical genius, but when it comes to playing bingo, my brain goes gaga) and you just can’t cheat with that visually aided system. Another good show would be the Edge of Lightness, where everyone is scheming to be good, instead of the other way around, where everyone has something up their sleeves and are up to do some nasty deeds, but not CREETV’s surreal outlook in life where everyone’s the good guy and no one stays up late at night (yeah, right).

One show I would dread is the one where all the traditional hunting secrets are released to the unknowing world and having a show where all the good fishing spots are revealed would be a bit unnerving. Like whose going to find out that I use shrimp to catch the big ones anyway? Come on, some trade secrets should stay away from the limelight and glow of the little screen.

A good show would be for those who have a hard time understanding why things are done the way they are. Mysteries of how porcupine quills are removed, or how to get that goose call down to perfection would be nice. A good cooking show would end the debate once and for all about the recipe for bannock and explain why washing hands before you knead the dough (this could be a slogan for the CBHSSJB, wash, wash, and wash) is considered important.

A sports show for those who just can’t get enough on the NHL or tournaments would be ideal for replay all summer. A blooper show would probably have endless material from local and regional meetings; in fact, nearly everything we do could be used as material for some show or another. One show I would love would be the court show, where neighborhood antics would be revealed in critical detail.

With all this coming, a new wave of groupie would be spawned, one wired or unwired to a single thought, ratings and celibacy (I mean celebrities) would be around every corner from Abitibi-Temiscamingue to the Hudson Bay. Further north, the paparazzi would have to chase after stretch ATVs and snowmobiles and hope that their camera batteries last more than a few minutes at -30 degrees.

Who would pay for all this? Commercials, of course. Klik anyone? How about a pot of Labrador tea? Woodchoppers and home pizza enterprises would vie for the 11:30 am slot just before lunch, urging everyone to take-out or buy a cord of wood for the winter. Even soap operas using real people with real problems could probably become reality soap culture. Everything including the dirty laundry could be reeled out in real time. This of course, could only work if everyone in the neighborhood was crazy and ready to succumb into a coma or have some life-threatening illness stretch out for years, creating yet another reason to go plasma screen manic. As for me, I still think Betamax was the best!