Volume 13, Issue 12

0-J Midget ‘A’ team deals with tragedy

A talented Oujé-Bougoumou Midget A’ team, also made up of players from Waswanipi and Mistissini, suffered a major blow as they lost one of their supporters in a car crash during a trip to the Inter-regional hockey championships in Farnham. The tragedy was evidently too much to bear as the ... read more ››

Chisasibi planning massive wind farm

Chisasibi’s Yudinn Energy has applied for an export permit from the National Energy Board to build a wind farm that will generate up to 1,650 megawatts; and with it, the ability to sell excess energy to the U.S. and Ontario as well as other parts of Quebec. Yudinn and its project ... read more ››

Dreams can come true – Children’s Wish Foundation grants three wishes in Eeyou Istchee

Three very sick children in Eeyou Istchee are smiling today thanks to the Children’s Wish Foundation. One is on his way to Disneyland in California. And two others are also looking forward to visiting Mickey Mouse and his band of animated friends in the near future. Their dreams are coming true ... read more ››

Food for thought with spring goose hunt

There is nothing like the sound of a goose (Niska) to stir deep emotions and memories in a Cree person from the James Bay coast. Recently, I heard the first sign of spring in the distant calls of geese high in the sky. I think I am like most people ... read more ››

Hydro-Québec left red-faced again

Hydro-Québec was left scrambling earlier this month as important security documents were found on a metro bench in Montreal. A Radio-Canada employee found 300 pages describing new security measures in an abandoned file folder in an east-end metro station. The breach was the second in the past year. A Radio-Canada crew freely ... read more ››

Jonathan Cheechoo – Aboriginal role model

San Jose Sharks right-winger Jonathan Cheechoo has finished the NHL regular season with a league-leading 56 goals, winning the Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy in the process. In doing so, he joins heady company. Philadelphia Flyers right-winger Reggie Leach was the last Aboriginal to score 50 goals, during the 1979-80 regular season. ... read more ››

Making much ado about…

I once picked up a worm and held it squiggling and squirming to my sibling’s face. Of course she screamed until she noticed that I was having fun with it and she insisted on playing with it. “No!” I obtusely declared to my little sis. “This is a boy’s territory. ... read more ››

Matthew Mukash, wildlife protector

Grand Chief Matthew Mukash has become the newest member of Cree Wildlife Protection as he was sworn in as an auxiliary April 7 in Quebec City. Mukash successfully completed the training program provided by the Protection de la faune du Québec. “He may thus provide the necessary information to the ... read more ››

Pulling strings with Grand Chief Matthew Mukash – The State of the Cree Nation Interview

The Nation: How are you doing in terms of carrying out your election promises? Grand Chief Matthew Mukash: Since our election, Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff and I have tried to meet with as many Cree entities and organizations as possible. Some of those we have met with over the past ... read more ››

The silence of the wolves

I don’t like this. I don’t like it one bit. Danger is afoot. Someone’s up to something. It’s been too quiet in Cree country ever since Matthew Mukash kicked Ted Moses out of office. I hate to say it but I kind of miss old Moses. I miss the controversies ... read more ››

Waskaganish wins inter-Regionals in Cowansville

Spurred on by their undefeated season and cohesive team chemistry, the Waskaganish Future Wings have proven that when it comes to Atom A hockey in Quebec, they are the best! “We were the heavy favorites going into the tournament,” said coach Charles Hester. “We played against the best teams from each ... read more ››