Volume 13, Issue 10

Canadian Idol a no go for aspiring Mistissini youth

He came and he sang his heart out, but in the end he went home empty-handed. Mistissini’s Isaac Mianscum, 25, made his second attempt to become the first Eenou to make it into the televised stages of Canadian Idol when he arrived in Montreal March 17. That Saturday, after a three-and-a-half ... read more ››

Car Wash and Laundromat

For some the career choice is that of an owner/businessman and opportunities in Eeyou Istchee abound for youth. No one knows this more than Patrick Forward and Ryan Petawabino, owners of Transport R&P Services. They started out two years ago with a moving van, and few contacts and have been growing ... read more ››

Charlie Brien: a pathfinder

Charlie Brien was one of the first Crees to choose an untraditional career and combine it with his traditional Cree values and way of life. He chose to do this by starting one of the first Cree-owned businesses in Mistissini. In those days, grants and loans to Crees to start businesses ... read more ››

Chishienuu Chiskutamaachwin – Elders Wisdom

Many in the Cree Nation have talked about the traditional knowledge of our Elders and how some of it may be lost as they pass on. More and more, however, the Cree communities are doing something to not only preserve those teachings but are making it a part of everyday ... read more ››

EM1 Rupert hearings begin

The first-ever joint hearings on a hydroelectric project kicked off in Mistissini March 15 with lively interventions from community members. The hearings on Hydro Quebec’s EM 1A and Rupert River Diversion projects mark the first time that the Federal Environmental Review Agency and COMEX has held a joint hearing on ... read more ››

Foster Home Sought

Seven-month-old Will is a happy, playful bundle of joy who loves attention, especially being read to. He lies in his crib and tries to talk as if to say, “I am enjoying this story!” He has a good daily routine, is learning to sit up, naps twice a day and sleeps ... read more ››

Generations in the restaurant business

Mistissini residents flocked to the grand opening of the new restaurant on the first day of spring, March 20. Approximately 500 clients came to congratulate the owners and family members of the late Charlie Brien. Previous to this opening, 120 of Charlie’s friends were invited by the family to celebrate a memorial ... read more ››

Job hunting can be an adventure

Employment in one form or another is something all of us strive for. Working at something we enjoy doing to make a living is a goal that we all want to achieve. However, most of us see the prospect of looking for work as a huge challenge. I was fortunate that ... read more ››

Job Nation

It’s funny when you write out a resume and you recall all the things that you did or didn’t do. In my long history of working, since 1972, jobs were scarce but available to those with an education, like me. Some jobs I had didn’t make it to my resume, ... read more ››


Jobs. We all need them (unless you’re lucky enough to be rich), and, by extension, we also need the cash that comes with them. Getting used to the capitalist society that surrounds us as Native people has been difficult at times, but we’re getting there. Nations no longer hunt, trap, farm ... read more ››

Niskamoon’s Technical Future

Established August 31, 2004, the Niskamoon Corporation was created to assemble all agreements between Hydro Quebec and the Cree under one administrative roof. Prior to 2004, various companies handled the agreements from EMS Corp to Abitibi. “This created confusion in the community, people didn’t know what organization to go to for ... read more ››

Weeneebeg festival

The lights were low, the seats were filled and people were smiling in Moose Factory March 8-12 for the fourth annual Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival. The event drew a record attendance this year with all of the screenings, workshops, special activities and guest artists to make this year’s ... read more ››