Volume 12, Issue 22

Because French-Language Pre-K is a Huge Success: Mistissini Launches English Pre-K

Success can be measured in many ways and Mistissini’s Voyageur Memorial School is hoping that their success rate will climb, thanks to French and English pre-Kindergarten programs that has children as young as 4 attending school full time. The French program started two years ago and is now seeing its graduates ... read more ››

Blow By Blow

It seems I was way off in my election predictions two issues back. Apologies all around to those who placed bets based on said prognostications. And my most heartfelt sorries to Dr. Matthew Coon Come for referring to him as a Bible University drop Out. It appears he did finally ... read more ››

Fall Madness – Getting That Garage Ready

I know that many women out there look at a garage or shack out behind the house and comment on how messy men really are. Just imagine for a moment all you had in your kitchen was a stove, table and fridge. Where would you put food, dishes, pots, pans, ... read more ››

I Told You So

I predicted a runoff election and boy, was I ever right, eh? I knew that our people are still for one side or another and it just goes to show how diversified our train of thought is. As nation incorporate, we grew exponentially as a nation, faster than Canada itself. ... read more ››

Meet the Candidates

Ted Moses For Grand Chief Why are you the best candidate for Grand Chief? I have the experience, credibility, integrity and reputation required to effectively and adequately represent and defend the Cree Nation. My lifelong commitment to the cause of the Crees and to Aboriginal peoples worldwide has allowed me to build a credibility ... read more ››

Mistissini Football Camp Draws Hundreds – CFL’s Ottawa Renegades Make Return Appearance

Mistissini was the scene of hundreds of cheery, smiling kids throwing footballs and having a grand old time as the second annual Mistissini All-Star Football Camp rolled into town August 23-25. The Ottawa Renegades of the Canadian Football League went to Mistissini to continue what they started last year – introducing ... read more ››

No Clear Winner in Grand Council Elections – Grand Chief, Deputy, To Be Decided September 15th

The August 31st election that saw seven candidates run for Deputy Grand Chief and four for Grand Chief ended in a stalemate – sort of. The fight for top dog saw Matthew Mukash come out on top, 43.2% to Ted Moses’ 31.9% of the popular vote. That wasn’t enough to secure a ... read more ››

Quebec Native Women Youth Council

In 1968, Mary Two-Axe Early, a Mohawk of Kahnawake, created the Equal Rights for Native Women association. This year, the Assembly of First Nations will recognize October 5th as the first annual First Nations Women’s Day. In this province, Quebec Native Women (QNW) was established in 1974 to support Aboriginal women ... read more ››

Soleica Monitors Eeyou Elections

In what is thought to be a first in history for Natives in Canada, the website company Soleica monitored the last round of elections and will do so for the run-off. Excited Crees and non-Crees alike stared gainfully into their computer screens on the night of August 31st, hoping that the ... read more ››

Taking a Stand

We are back to where we were three years ago. Again you are asked to declare where you stand. Which candidate represents your goals and ideals? Who speaks for you? Who is the best person for the job? Maybe you already know who you will vote for. Maybe the elections ... read more ››

The New Rules

As promised in the last issue of the Nation, we have included all the text of the newly adopted elections by-law. These are the new rules by which we will be choosing our Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief Subject: CRA BY-LAW No. 28 WHEREAS the Members at an Annual General Assembly ... read more ››