I predicted a runoff election and boy, was I ever right, eh? I knew that our people are still for one side or another and it just goes to show how diversified our train of thought is. As nation incorporate, we grew exponentially as a nation, faster than Canada itself. Whereas Canada is working on its bicentennial for 2067, we are graduating to decade three with billions of dollars (committed or uncommitted, liquid and ethereal) with more Crees per square kilometre than ever before. How so brown cow? It’s simple, before we knew only the land and now, we owed it to the land to inspire us to make one hell of an agreement, some thirty years ago.

Today, three years after signing a complementary agreement, we will be catapulted into the first half of the 21st century with many tools in our hands, to carve out a constitution and a government, to mould the helpless into the helpful, and to create an appreciative society, thankful for the lands that motivated us to retain our identity and culture.

The elections prove that either way, we continue to embrace diversity and still maintain who we are. I can hear the music in the background sounding rather jingoistic and stirring me to write this stuff, but election time does bring up emotions amongst peoples. It causes them to act in a strange fashion. Please, let me explain.

Everyone becomes a know-it-all. This is explained by the everyday clatter of radio stations, pamphlets, bar talk, family discussions, mudslinging and plain ol’ political backstabbing makes people, who normally don’t give a damn about politics, into a raging activist, ready to bring down everything in sight, including family members. Remember, these symptoms only surface every three to four years or so, so it’s not really a time one could consider dangerous, like southern moose hunts during tax payer’s season.

No one will tell you who they would vote for based on logic. This is based on the theory of superficiality, where skin is the only depth one will go to create a sound and logical decision. If he/she’s brown, vote.

Family disputes are now justifiable. It comes a time when families are split on their favourite candidate and the non-speaking can go on for years, if any favourite or least-liked candidate gets to sit in the throne of pine trees and beaver pelts. Its not about which candidate wins, it just justifies one’s beliefs and base for argument, or that defiant “I told you so” look.

The environment takes a beating from flyers printed from the very forests our culture and traditions are defending. Although proportionately, the amount of paper used and wasted is insignificant in comparison to total usage, but at least the flyers could be made extremely flammable for fire starting, or very soft for the behind or possibly edible, like rice paper or whatever its called.

The losing candidates are forgotten for four years. This is almost a given, but I’ll rub it in anyways.