Volume 12, Issue 16

‘Big Bear’ Garners MVP Award in UHL Playoffs

For those who were emotionally distraught over the loss of the NHL season this year, Chisasibi’s Brant “Big Bear” Blackned has provided some solace on the ice. Blackned won his second league title in two years with the Muskegon Fury of the United Hockey League. Best of all, Blackned was ... read more ››

A Traditional Barbecue

I got out the barbecue the other day to cook supper outdoors. I enjoy having a barbecued meal. The food seems to taste better when cooked like this and in some ways it is healthier than pan-frying a meal on the stove. Cooking over a barbecue is a great way ... read more ››

Bear Meets Gunner; Bear Loses

Mistissini community members received a scare June 6 when they woke up to find a bear prancing around town like he owned the place. Police Chief Calvin Blacksmith says the bear was probably trying to escape the smoke from the recent spate of forest fires. The bear was seen swimming across the ... read more ››

CHB Recognized For Anti-Smoking Efforts

An honorable mention was awarded to the Cree Health Board and Social Services of James Bay in recognition of its collective efforts to promote a tobacco-free lifestyle in the Cree communities. Ron Shisheesh, the Program Officer of Tobacco and Gambling in the Public Health Department, received the award June 7 at ... read more ››

Fire Season Makes Blazing Start

Numerous forest fires have spread throughout the Cree Nation with an unbelievable force this past month due to extremely dry conditions in the north. Wildlife has been seen fleeing in all directions and most communities have been warned about possible evacuations. Eastmain public safety officer George Cheezo said 330 people were ... read more ››

How Have the Forest Fires Affected You?

As James Bay Crees, we have all experienced the damage that forest fires can do to our wildlife and communities at least once in our lives. The Nation explored how it affected people from different communities and if they thought that enough has been done for public safety. Dominic Swallow, Nemaska: ... read more ››

Look Out Frisky Cats, The Doctor Is In!

Cats and dogs beware; your days of prowling around town might be over. Seven of the nine communities in Eeyou Istchee will be visited by a free pet clinic this summer, sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and World Society for the Protection of Animals. Their goal is to spay ... read more ››

Moses Honoured with Second Doctorate

Dr. Ted Moses was awarded a second honorary doctorate at Concordia University June 13, becoming a Doctor of Laws Honorif causa once again. His ongoing contributions at the United Nations as an international Aboriginal human rights leader have finally been acknowledged in Quebec. “It came as a big surprise,” Moses exclaimed. ... read more ››

Niskamoon’s First Graduates Set Sail

Ten Cree students took advantage of the Niskamoon Agreement between Hydro-Quebec and the Crees and became the first to graduate from the Centre Polymetier in Rouyn-Noranda. They finished the course in Automated Systems in Electro Mechanics, which was taught in French to more smoothly integrate the students into the workplace at ... read more ››

Our Moving Pictures Tell Powerful Stories

Every now and then I seem to have no choice to toot a friend’s horn. In this case it is Ernest Webb and Neil Diamond, directors and producers for Rezolution Pictures. I would have to say that, outside of the people working in the Cree bureaucracy and the Cree School Board, ... read more ››

Rezolution Pictures Scores Hat Trick at Film Fest

The 15th Annual Land Insights First People’s Fest – or at least what we’ve seen of it before press time – has been a great success and they owe that in large part to the Cree film company Rezolution Pictures and director Tracey Deer’s first solo effort, Mohawk Girls. The documentary, ... read more ››

Smoke ‘n Mirrors

It’s funny how we Cree seem to know what is happening in other communities, usually through the radio, via this magazine or by the totally reliable and accurate method known as word of mouth. The news travels faster than wildfires and can sometimes be just as damaging. When the word ... read more ››