Cats and dogs beware; your days of prowling around town might be over.

Seven of the nine communities in Eeyou Istchee will be visited by a free pet clinic this summer, sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Their goal is to spay or neuter as many pets as possible.

“By spaying or neutering your dog, it keeps the dog population under control,” said Rob Laidlaw, Project Manager for the WSPA.

That way, Laidlaw says, there will be less need to shoot wild dogs within the communities. “It’ll help the communities because there will be less dog bites, less nuisance complaints and less time and resources spent on controlling dogs and answering complaints.”

Dogs and cats will be accepted without an appointment and at no cost.

“It’ll also help the communities promote tourism, eco-tourism and get people from the south to come up and visit,” added Laidlaw.

The organization also does humane education classes while they are in the communities to better educate the public of the benefits of spaying or neutering. The clinics, which will be starting June 17 in Chisasibi and ending July 3 in Waswanipi, also offer vaccinations for rabies, distemper and other dog-related ailments and diseases.

WSPA has a capacity to serve 400 pets for all nine communities, so make sure you get yours done! Contact your local fire department to find out when the pet clinics will be in your area.

Wemindji and Whapmagoostui will be visited in the fall.