Volume 10, Issue 22

Charest to go for Great Whale River?

When Premier Jean Charest unseated the Parti-Quebecois in last spring’s provincial election, one of the things he assured the Cree is that he would not dam the Great Whale River. But in June of this year, the Nation has discovered, he apparently went back on that promise when he contacted Pita ... read more ››

Drug Mule Winning Stupidity Sweepstakes

A Great Whale man is probably reconsidering the wisdom of a life of crime. The man, whom Kativik Regional Police didn’t identify, caused a disturbance Sept. 1 while going through metal-detection security at the Whapmagoostui/Kuujjuarapik airport. The detector sounded, but the man refused to allow a body search. But he still insisted ... read more ››

Honduras: The Undiscovered Country

Eco tourism is a word that is widely used, often times in the wrong context. In this article, we will examine Indigenous eco tourism in Honduras. From the Native people known as the Miskito, to the Garifuna, who for all intents and purposes, aren’t considered native. Honduras is located in Central ... read more ››

Inuit To Get Proper Sewage – Crees Will Benefit As Well

The Inuit and the Cree of Great Whale are working together on a project slated to bring their communities up to today’s living standards. The project involves revamping the underground water system, to make it available to all three communities (Inuit, Cree, non-native). Currently, the Inuit are the only ones without ... read more ››

Learning To Recognize Autism

They didn’t notice anything different about their baby boy until he was almost two years old. His speech patterns were not developing and he rarely tried to say “Mommy” or “Daddy.” He never joined his older sister in play and he didn’t answer when his name was called. At first his ... read more ››

Loving the Mentally Ill

It was quite some time ago that I watched a movie about two people who had quite an explosive relationship but who were nonetheless very much in love and wanted to be together. However, his job as a thug for a criminal gang prevented him from being able to fully ... read more ››

Mistissini Lake Mystery

It appears there has been another sighting of the mysterious creature in the water seen near the community of Mistissini. A resident, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, says that the report that the UFO (unidentified floating object) was bigger than a car length and that it has been seen ... read more ››

New Problems at EM-1?

According to the Quebec City-based newspaper, le Soleil, there are problems at EM-1 that are threatening to push the completion date of 2007 further behind. According to the paper, obsolete equipment and an inability to foresee some of the problems has resulted in many delays. Hydro Quebec denies the claims. Christine Martin, ... read more ››

OJ Toxins Study: Eat and be Wary Says Nieboer

The Crees of Ouje-Bougoumou are healthier because they consume wild game and fish, but they must still be careful about eating wild game and fish. That’s the seemingly contradictory conclusion of a year-long study of toxic contamination in fluid and hair samples of 200 Ouje residents. The study, titled “Exposure and preliminary ... read more ››

Safety Tips Series – Part 1 of 3

Keeping our children safe is usually the first priority in our lives. How often do we think about the length of a window blind’s cord, or about how heavy a table lamp may be? Yet these two examples can seriously harm a child (choking, and heavy object falling). This article ... read more ››

Staying Afloat With Traditional Skills

A generation ago, very few of my people were able to purchase any luxuries to make their trip on the land easier. Equipment such as toboggans, sleds, snow-shoes, canoes and paddles were tools that required a great deal of work and money to acquire. Freighter canoes were purchased at great ... read more ››

Time To Get Educated

I was under the impression that the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement enshrined Cree rights to educate our children in the language of our choice. That we were exempt from the provisions of Bill 101 and its language law companions. Not so, according to the kindly old lady who served ... read more ››

Where Have All the Old Guys Gone?

I happen to be a smidgen over 40 and the hill is not in sight yet, at least for a young man like me. My looks haven’t changed for 20 years now but I’ve noticed that many other men my age look quite a lot older than I. No, I’m ... read more ››