It appears there has been another sighting of the mysterious creature in the water seen near the community of Mistissini. A resident, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, says that the report that the UFO

(unidentified floating object) was bigger than a car length and that it has been seen again. With two recent sightings and numerous ones in the past in Mistissini Lake people say there is something going on.

The Nation therefore offers two things: a $100 cash prize for the first clear photo of the object (and not a faked one) and the prestige of knowing you have started up a tourist industry as people flock to see the Mistissini Mystery. You will get to keep all the rights to the photo but will allow a one-time use of the photo in the Nation. You may sell the photo to another newspaper or CBC at any time along as we are allowed to use it as soon as it is developed. People with photos may send them to:

The Nation Mistissini Mystery,

5505 St. Laurent, Suite 3018, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 1S6