Volume 10, Issue 14

Air Creebec, Above and Beyond

After a little more than 20 years, there’s one airline you can count on when traveling to and from most Cree communities in Quebec, and Ontario. That airline is Air Creebec. Air Creebec came from very humble beginnings. In 1979, the Cree Chiefs at the time decided that as a nation, ... read more ››

Festivities in Chibougamau

The fifth annual August festival will be held from July 31 to August 3 in Chibougamau. This prestigious festival is open to northern artists and amateur musical bands that perform in front of roughly 2,000 spectators a day for the four-day event. Artisans and performers come from all over the north ... read more ››

Grooming the Forest

Tawich Construction Inc, in conjunction with Marcy Sylnord Inc, are now offering training programs in sylviculture in the community of Wemindji. Through these programs, Crees will attain certification that will enable them to secure employment associated with the EM1 project. As one of the things standing in the way of ... read more ››

How Much Longer?

How much longer are we going to take it? I know that the mines are closer to Ouje-Bougoumou than in Nemaska, but they are just as deadly to anyone who resides in the region or anywhere on this planet. I have just as much right to stand up and speak ... read more ››

Kwanah Sioui Moar – King of the Mountain

Imagine going downhill at 100 km/h with no room for mistakes. Where one wrong turn could be the difference between winning and losing, or breaking an arm. It sounds crazy, but that’s what Kwanah Sioui Moar does on a regular basis. This year marks Moar’s first year in Senior Elite mountain ... read more ››

Metis Voyageurs Canoe to Thunder Bay

The Hudson Bay Company had better watch out. Ten Metis are re-enacting their past as voyageurs for two months. They will go from Lachine, Quebec, to Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They are using the same fur trading route that the Northwest Company used. It is a ... read more ››

New Alliance Provides Solutions for First Nation Indebtedness

A Nova Scotia native community is joining with a national accounting firm to offer much-needed financial management to other First Nations. The Mi’kmaq community of Membertou is on Cape Breton island and numbers 1000 people. Their business alliance with Grant Thornton LLP took Membertou from a deficit of over $1 million ... read more ››

On Mothers

It was Mother’s Day last issue and we wanted to print this but couldn’t bring ourselves to do it… then. Once again Happy Mother’s Day and this time with a laugh… What my mother taught me… yep, I remember these well. 1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE ... read more ››

Sea of Love

One night I sat down to watch a movie on CBC television called Sea Of Love that was made in 1989 starring Al Pacino and John Goodman. I was excited to watch the film with a couple of friends. After all, this was a movie that was special to me ... read more ››

Stay Physically Active – Join the 100 Mile Club

Obesity and being overweight is becoming a major health problem among Cree children, youth and adults in Eeyou Istchee. The sedentary lifestyle and a lack of physical activity puts them are at great risk for developing diabetes, and many other serious diseases at a very young age. This wave of ... read more ››

Veteran Affairs Finally Settles…Sort of

After years of ignoring the contributions of Native veterans, Canada is finally about to settle up. It isn’t nearly the same amount that non-Natives received in return for their tours of duty in Canada’s wars. A national round table convened in February 2002 said that First Nations veterans who served in ... read more ››