Volume 10, Issue 2

“The Last Crossing” by Guy Vanderhaeghe

If Guy Vanderhaeghe built houses instead of stories, he would be the kind of carpenter who did everything by hand, who fashioned every joint with a chisel and a knife, because details matter. And apparently they matter to lots of readers, because Vanderhaeghe is a bestselling writer across Canada. His ... read more ››

A Cree Woman’s Story

I am a female from one of the nine Cree Communities. I just want to share my experience I had as a married woman. I was married for close to 15 years. I was about 17 when I was told to get married… as my late grand father’s request. My ... read more ››

Adventures on the Winter Road

It is the middle of February on the winter road and I am travelling with my brothers on our way back home to Attawapiskat from Moosonee. We are bringing back a load of furnace oil, gasoline, lumber and plywood to keep our contracting business in the community operating. One of ... read more ››

Blame Canada – Softwood Lumber Bashing in the U.S.A.

For the past 20 years Canada and the U.S. have been wrangling over the softwood lumber industry. U.S. lumber interests are irked that Canadian products are cheaper than the homegrown variety. They convinced the U.S. government to impose a 27.3 per cent duty on all Canadian imports to the U.S., ... read more ››

Canadore’s Thunder Chiefs Make History

The Thunder Chiefs men’s hockey club from Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario, made history by claiming the Men’s Class B Division Championship in Ouje-Bougoumou Cree Nations’ first Invitational Hockey Tournament, held Nov. 16 and 17. The team captured first place in their division, recording three round-robin wins, including a nail-biter ... read more ››

Chisasibi Christmas Parade

The Festive Season is upon us again, where most of us will most likely gain a few pounds before it is over. This year, the Annual Christmas Parade in Chisasibi was held earlier than usual on November 30. In the past, participation had been a problem because of tournaments, shopping, ... read more ››

First Native in Space

When I was young I shared with many others a fascination with space. I wanted to be an astronaut. That dream never happened but another person’s dream of the same thing came true in November. John Herrington became the first Native American in space. He said he’s inspired and humbled ... read more ››

Healing Gardens

From the forthcoming book, Art Nature Dialogues, by John K. Grande. A conversation with artist Mike MacDonald. Mike MacDonald’s installations are direct evocative presentations in defense of nature. Best known for his video work, he also does photography, works on the Web and has been planting gardens that attract butterflies on ... read more ››

Native Couple Named U.S. Parents of the Year

An Arizona couple have been named as National Parents of the Year. Ezekiel and Pauline Sanchez felt awkward about the award at first, but they say they can now see how it might be used. “Perhaps it is we’re supposed to be a voice for all the families who are working ... read more ››

Natives Launch Intellectual Property Initiative

A three-year independent international initiative to protect the traditional knowledge and intellectual property of indigenous peoples is to be launched this month. Indigenous experts in cultural and intellectual property from around the world will develop a strategy to achieve greater participation in, and control by, indigenous peoples in the protection ... read more ››

One Moment Please…

I tried to call someone I knew at an office, where I knew he was, just sitting there and waiting for some one to get through to him and call him to say hello. I dialed the number that was on the brochure and Lord of all Lords, a mechanical voice ... read more ››

Tribute to my Father-in-law: The Late John Neeposh

October 27, 2002, was a sad day for us, for we lost a very caring and loving husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather, to a sudden death for which we were not prepared. We always saw him as a strong and healthy man. I am honored to have had the ... read more ››


I watched Ice Age the other day, an animated movie with a caustic wooly mammoth, a lisping three toed sloth and a cunning sabre tooth tiger who band together to bring a lost human baby back to it’s “herd.” They manage to work through their issues and differences to become ... read more ››