The Festive Season is upon us again, where most of us will most likely gain a few pounds before it is over. This year, the Annual Christmas Parade in Chisasibi was held earlier than usual on November 30. In the past, participation had been a problem because of tournaments, shopping, and other events that got in the way.

This year, they did not want to have any problems of the past; this is why they planned it early. Thanks to the Brighter Future’s Staff, this year’s parade was a total success. According to Nellie Bobbish, “The parade was usually held around the middle of December, where many people were unable to participate because of the many activities happening, including the CNIT, other tournaments, and of course shopping.”

The Parade got underway at around 1 pm, starting in front of the hospital on the main road of Chisasibi. Although the weather did not want to really cooperate, where there was light flurries and blowing snow. The town still turned out in droves, where vehicles lined both sides of the road from the hospital, to the school, the churches, and where any space was available for people to stand or park. This year’s parade had 17 floats, which is a new record, since last year’s only had about 6 or 7, said Nellie Bobbish, one of the organizers, along with Gertie Stevens.

The floats were impressive, where some personified the institutions or businesses that they were representing. However, all looked like they had a lot of work put into them. The walking Elders were nice to see; they looked like they had been ready for the whole year to participate in this parade. The children who participated also looked like they were having fun. Of course, the Old Man St. Nicolas was present to greet the people of Chisasibi, sharing in the celebration of community and holiday spirit. The Big Skate of the Chisasibi Skating Club was unique, looked sharp. The children lining the road got to enjoy candy and goodies that were being shared by the participants of the parade. In addition, the Health Board did some Public Relations on the subject of Diabetes. St. Nicolas’s Sleigh had been revamped to have wheels because a truck was pulling it, must have been an early gift from somebody at the North Pole.

Overall, the Parade was an enjoyable event where many came to watch, and many brought their young ones to see the old man in the red suit. As Nellie shared with me, she said, “This is the sixth year that the parade has been held, and we hold this parade to inspire the community to participate in a harmonious spiritual way, and to celebrate the spirit of

Christmas.” I would say that they succeeded. Wachiya and Season’s Greetings, from my family to yours, Christopher Herodier in Chisasibi. Following are the winners!


We hope the people enjoyed our parade this year; we had 16 floats participating this year. Here are the results:

1 1ST PLACE Local Council of Elders

2 2ND PLACE Northern Stores

3 3RD PLACE Chisasibi Skating Club

Participation Awards: Youth Council,

Chisasibi Cheerleading Girls, Cree Health Board, Chisasibi Minor Hockery Association, Chiasibi Centre Inc., Anjabowa Childcare Centre, Fire Dept., Chisasibi Police Force, Wesapou Group Home, Chisasibi Coop,, James Bay Eeyou School, Chistapitan True Value, Santa’s Float and the Cree Nation of Chisasibi.