Volume 9, Issue 21

Back-to-school textbook The Nation’s cheat sheet for living large on small budgets in Montreal

More than any other city in North America, Montreal is a friendly and fun-loving place for people on any budget. With a very diverse population of poor people and its teeming masses of students, this exciting metropolis doesn’t shut out those with thin wallets. It’s possible to survive, thrive and ... read more ››

Chads and all that stuff

As I write this column, the first regional election of this millennium is heading the direction of Bush vs Gore’s Florida famous chad recount. Yes, a recount. May not a recount to end all recounts, but most likely the recount that will confirm that our people are divided in their ... read more ››

Cree and Nunavik Inuit Reach an Agreement

The Cree and the Inuit have solved the problem of land overlaps. The president of Makivik Corporation, Mr. Pita Aatami, and Cree Grand Chief Ted Moses, signed an agreement Aug. 21 in Kuujjuaraapik-Whapmagoostui to resolve the Cree and Nunavik Inuit offshore overlap areas in James Bay and Hudson’s Bay. The terms of ... read more ››

Don’t touch that dial: Split results and irregularities leads Mukash to challenge election results, Moses claims victory after taking a 28-vote lead over challenger

It’s not over yet. After one of the closest elections for Grand Chief in modern Cree history, Matthew Mukash says he will exhaust all avenues to ensure the Aug. 28 vote was as free and fair as possible. The challenger to incumbent Ted Moses for Cree Grand Chief lost by only 28 ... read more ››

Followed foul found in Inuit freezer

Scientists spent four months tracking by satellite the incredible journey of a goose named Kerry as he migrated 5,000 kilometres from Northern Ireland to the Canadian Arctic. But the project ended last week when scientists followed their instruments across fiords and lakes – to find their valuable subject in an ... read more ››

Golf Tourney in Chibougamau

The Cree Indian Centre of Chibougamau hosted its 7th Annual Friendship Golf tournament on August 23, 2002. 135 participants registered all from the Montreal to Chibougamau area. Mr. Donald Bubar, Mayor of Chibougamau and Mr. John Longchap, Chief of Mistissini were the Co-Presidents of the tournament. On the day of ... read more ››

High-level health meeting in Montreal

Grand Chief Ted Moses and Cree Board of Health and Social Services Chairman Bertie Wapachee met with Quebec Health Minister François Legault in Montreal Aug. 26 to address several outstanding health issues. The meeting was short on specifics, but Legault promised announcements would soon be made regarding the Cree diabetes epidemic ... read more ››

Mistissini Fishing Derby

Photos by Will Nicholls We the Mistissini Police, would like to present to you the official results for the 6th annual fishing derby which was held on August 23,24,25, 2002. We would like to express our gratitude to the participants for their continued support to the community. This event could ... read more ››

Mixed Bag in UN Report

The UN Committee Against Racial Discrimination gave Canada a mixed report: six expressions of concern, two of satisfaction The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has concluded its sixty-first session, after having examined the national reports provided by nine countries, including Canada. dia against peoples of African and Asian ... read more ››

New Waswanipi chief squeaks in

The race for Cree Grand Chief wasn’t the only political contest that produced a razor-thin result. In Waswanapi, Robert Kitchen beat Alfred Jolly for Band Council chief by a mere six votes. “I’ll take it-a win’s a win,” said Kitchen. “I’m officially calling myself chief.” Kitchen took 253 votes to 247 ... read more ››

Sports Profile Helen Gunner on Defense

The latest Stats on Helen Gunner SILVER SEVEN INVITATIONAL in Stanstead held on august 9 toll 2002. Played 5 games had 1 goal, 3 assists and 3 penalty minutes. Total of 4 points. GP G A PIM 5 1 3 3 2002 NATION ALABORIGINAL HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP. In 7 games had 2 ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky Diversity is a good thing

I enjoy the experience of learning about new cultures and people when I travel. Sometimes I do not have to venture very far from home to be able to mix with other cultures. Recently I enjoyed a visit to Toronto, which is famous as a multicultural city that is home to ... read more ››

Wally’s Run

In an effort to raise funds for a Leukemia patient Andy Iserhoff of Mistissini, Wally Rabbitskin, an uncle of Andy, underwent a challenge and ran 89 km’s from Mistissini to Chibougamou to come to the financial aid of his nephew. Andy was diagnosed with Leukemia last year and has been receiving ... read more ››