Volume 9, Issue 17

“One Dead Indian” by Peter Edwards

One Dead Indian By Peter Edwards Published by Stoddard 2001 One Dead Indian is about the Ontario Premier, the OPP and the Ipperwash Crisis. The book takes you back to September 4, 1995, when Stoney Point Natives went into Ipperwash Park to reclaim an ancient and traditional burial ground. Within 72 hours ... read more ››

BC voters support/reject treaty referendum questions

Depending on who’s doing the talking, British Columbians have either given a strong vote of confidence in their provincial government’s referendum on treatymaking, or overwhelmingly disowned Victoria’s divide-and-conquer tactics. BC Premier Gordon Campbell trumpeted the results, despite a low 35 per cent response rate to the mail-in ballot. “The government is ... read more ››

Canadian Indian Land Policy: Do It Our Way Or Be Arrested

On June 20, Mr. Jim Gregory was convicted in Kamloops court for obstruction regarding an incident that happened at Sun Peaks November 16, 2001. The arrest was related to an accusation that Mr. Gregory pulled a police officer from Amanda Soper. The evidence was very weak and not supported by ... read more ››

Chief refused entry with eagle bonnet

U.S. authorities forbid a Canadian chief from entering the country with his traditional eagle feather warbonnet. Kainaiwa First Nation Chief Chris Shade was on his way to a Blackfoot Confederacy gathering in Montana. He provided documentation of his Indian status but wasn’t allowed through with the head dress. At the Sweet ... read more ››

Dean’s Honour List

List of Graduates at Val d’Or: Cree Literacy Program 2002 Lilllian Atsynia Bessie Blackned Helen Blacksmith Gloria Bosum Diane Brien-Coon Annie Cheechoo Adrian Cheezo Margaret Cheezo Nancy Danyluck Pauline Dixon Louise Charlotte Etapp-Neeposh Patricia Georgekish Eva Grant Emily Anna Gull-Mianscum Lily Gull Sutherland Sarah Herodier Jimmy Iserhoff Pat Iserhoff Hannah ... read more ››

Diabetic children suffer as young adults, study finds

People who develop adult-onset diabetes as children – a once-unknown condition whose prevalence is rising rapidly -can have severe and occasionally fatal complications as early as in their twenties, the Washington Post reports. The problems, according to research on a group of about 80 Cree and Ojibway children in central ... read more ››

Fast food and furious

I always been an afficianado for fine foods and wines and I have always fancied myself as someone who could cook a decent meal. Today, I have to admit that my fancies have turned to the ubiquitous poutine and double cheeseburger dripping with fat and oils of the hoofed beasts ... read more ››

Logging halted by Native protest

The Penticton Indian Band has shut down logging by Weyerhaeuser around Apex Mountain by blockading an access road. Chief Stewart Phillip says the company failed to consult with the band council before logging in its traditional territory. “We set up a blockade at the entry point to serve notice the logging ... read more ››

Making art from trees: McCord Museum presents a living history of Native crafts

For thousands of years, the trees that crowd the eastern woodlands of North America have provided Native peoples with the raw materials and inspiration to fashion beautiful and useful tools out of bark and wood. Gifts of the Forest: Native Traditions in Wood, a new exhibit at Montreal’s McCord Museum, ... read more ››

More Fish, healthier hearts Study says Cree should maintain traditional diet

While worries about toxic contamination of food fish continue to bedevil different Cree communities in Eeyou Istchee, a recently published study suggests that the health benefits of consuming wild fish far outweigh the risks. Published in the July issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the study was lead by ... read more ››

Nunavut premier Paul Okalik visits Alaska

As the featured guest at a recent Anchorage press conference, Paul Okalik was asked by a TV reporter to pronounce his name for the camera so the reporter might say it correctly, later, on the air. The first premier of the three-year-old Canadian territory of Nunavut obliged, pleasantly. “Okalik,” he said, ... read more ››

Taking Back the Language

On June 29 in Val d’Or 50 Crees donned gowns and lined up to receive diplomas from McGill in the Cree Literacy Course. They were part of a group of 84 Crees who graduated this year. The master of ceremonies was Arnold Cheechoo of CBC North. He talked in Cree ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky Some Like It Hot

Hot weather was never a problem when I was growing up in my home community of Attawapiskat. During most of the year dealing with the weather meant putting on more clothes to keep warm. We Cree from the James Bay coast have grown accustomed to the cold weather of the ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

By the time you read this the current heat wave will hopefully have passed, but expect more on the way this summer. When the heat hits eating heavy is out of the question. So is slaving over the stove indoors. It’s time for the BBQ or something cool and I ... read more ››