On June 20, Mr. Jim Gregory was convicted in Kamloops court for obstruction regarding an incident that happened at Sun Peaks November 16, 2001. The arrest was related to an accusation that Mr. Gregory pulled a police officer from Amanda Soper. The evidence was very weak and not supported by other Crown witnesses but nevertheless Mr. Gregory was convicted.

It is clear however that Mr. Gregory did not have any criminal intention in this struggle. It is clear that all people charged by the RCMP in the Sun Peaks matter have political intentions and not criminal intentions. Therefore these cases clearly illustrate how the Canadian and provincial governments use the Criminal Code and other laws like the Land Act to bring trumped charges on indigenous peoples.

The federal and provincial governments basically use their laws to enforce injunctions, and trespass and seizure notices, to instigate terrible feelings amongst indigenous peoples that eventually result in arrests. These preliminary legal matters do not resolve the more important questions respecting recognition and reconciliation of Aboriginal and Crown titles.

In other words the pattern across Canada, including Lubicon Lake, Oka, Barrier Lake, Ipperwash, Gustaphsen Lake, Bella Coola, Melvin Creek and Sun Peaks are just a typical example of how Canada manipulates the Criminal Code and land laws to violate the human rights of indigenous peoples.

In other words, negotiate according to our unilateral processes or go to jail.

Jim is giving up his personal liberty for our freedom as indigenous peoples and we should appreciate that. I have advised the other 50 some people awaiting trial that they can expect basically the same treatment.

It is clear that the federal and provincial government want to crush us. But we are strong, we are still on the mountain, without criminal intentions but merely to expose the corruption and criminal behaviour of the Canadian federal and British Columbia governments.